Bajaj Allianz Private Car Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Private Car Insurance

What Does It Cover?

?Section I: Own Damage/Loss

Bajaj Allianz Private Car Insurance safeguards your vehicle and its accessories against damage or loss caused by –

  • Fire, self-ignition, explosion, or lightning.
  • Burglary, housebreaking, or theft.
  • Riot and strike.
  • Earthquakes, including both fire and shock damage.
  • Flood, inundation, typhoon, storm, tempest, cyclone, hailstorm, hurricane, frost.
  • Accidental external causes.
  • Malicious acts.
  • Terrorist activities.
  • While in transit by rail, road, lift, elevator, air, or inland waterway.
  • Landslides or rockslides.

This is subject to depreciation based on the type of parts replaced as per the following rates

  • Rubber, nylon, plastic parts, tires, tubes, batteries, and airbags at 50% depreciation.
  • Fibreglass components at 30% depreciation.
  • No depreciation for parts made of glass.
  • For all other parts, including wooden ones, the depreciation rate follows this table –

% Of Depreciation

Age of the Vehicle


Not exceeding 6 months


Higher than 6 months but not more than 1 year


Higher than 1 year but not more than 2 years


Higher than 2 years but not more than 3 years


Higher than 3 years but not more than four years.


Higher than 4 years but not more than 5 years


Higher than 5 years but not more than 10 years


Higher than 10 years


  • When it comes to painting, a 50% depreciation rate applies solely to the material cost of the total painting charges. If the painting charges are part of a consolidated bill, the materials part will be regarded as 25% of the total painting charges for applying the depreciation.

?Section II: Liability to Third Parties

Bajaj Allianz Private Car Insurance will provide compensation to you in case of –

  • Death or bodily injury caused to any person involving your vehicle.
  • Damages to property that does not belong to you or is not in your trust, custody, or control.

?Section III: Personal Accident Cover for Owner Driver

A Personal Accident (PA) cover in car insurance safeguards you against physical disability or death caused by an accident. This coverage is included with your vehicle insurance, which works much like general insurance by providing financial compensation.

In the event of the owner-driver experiencing death or bodily injury, the company will provide compensation according to the following table –


Scale of Compensation

Nature of Injury




The loss of 2 limbs or 1 limb or sight of 2 eyes or 1 eye.


The loss of 1 limb or loss of sight of 1 eye.


Permanent total disability from injuries other than that mentioned above.


Note:  Certain terms and conditions may apply


What Will Bajaj Allianz Private Car Insurance Not Cover?

The insurer will not provide financial protection against –

  • Consequential loss, depreciation, wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdowns, or failures.
  • Damage to tyres and tubes, unless your vehicle is damaged simultaneously. Here, the insurer’s liability is limited to 50% of the replacement cost.
  • Any accidental loss or damage that occurs when you or anyone driving the vehicle with your permission is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

The IDV represents the estimated market value of your car. It is the maximum payout you can receive from your Bajaj Allianz Private Car Insurance policy when making a claim and it varies annually due to depreciation.

Here’s a table depicting the depreciation rates for determining the IDV of the vehicle -


% of Depreciation for Fixing IDV

Age of the Vehicle


Not exceeding 6 months


Higher than 6 months but not exceeding 1 year


Higher than 1 year but not exceeding 2 years


Higher than 2 years but not exceeding 3 years


Higher than 3 years but not exceeding 4 years


Higher than 4 years but not exceeding 5 years


General Exceptions

Under Bajaj Allianz Private Car Insurance, he insurer will not cover the following situations –

  1. Accidental loss, damage, or liability that occurs outside the designated geographical area.
  2. Claims arising from contractual obligations.
  3. Accidental loss, damage, or liability if your vehicle is being used in a manner not in line with the 'Limitations as to Use.'
  4. Accidental loss, damage, or liability if your vehicle is being driven by, or intended to be driven by, someone other than the driver specified in the driver's clause.
  5. Any accidental damage to property, loss, or expense resulting from consequential loss.
  6. Any liability, whether direct or indirect, caused by ionising radiation or radioactivity contamination from nuclear fuel or nuclear waste resulting from nuclear fuel combustion. In this case, "combustion" includes any self-sustaining nuclear fission process.
  7. Any accidental damage, loss, or liability, whether direct or indirect, caused by or associated with nuclear weapons material.
  8. Any accidental loss or damage and/or liability caused by war, invasion, foreign enemy action, hostilities etc. In case of a claim, you must demonstrate that the loss, damage, or liability occurred independently and had no connection to, contribution from, or traceable link with any of the mentioned events or their consequences. Without such proof, the company will not be responsible for making any payment for such a claim.


Add-Ons Available With Bajaj Allianz Private Car Insurance

1️⃣Zero Depreciation
Zero Depreciation, often referred to as ‘bumper to bumper’ coverage, is an optional add-on for your comprehensive Bajaj Allianz Private Car Insurance policy. While bumper-to-bumper coverage comes with a higher premium, it is generally well worth the investment. This add-on is highly recommended, especially if your car is less than 5 years old, as it ensures you get the most out of your insurance coverage.

To understand the concept of zero depreciation, it is important to first understand what depreciation means. Initially, when you buy a car, you pay quite a big price for it. However, as time goes on, your car's value decreases in the market. This reduction in value is called depreciation and it applies not only to the car but also to its spare parts. This is why older cars tend to have lower market prices compared to newer ones.

Now, with the zero-depreciation add-on, you essentially eliminate depreciation on your car. So, when you file an insurance claim, you will receive the full value for your car and all of its parts if you opt for the zero depreciation add-on. It provides protection against car depreciation and will also ensure that the depreciation applied to the parts of your car is waived.

2️⃣Engine Protector
The engine is a critical part of your car; repairing or replacing it can be quite expensive. But, the bad news is that standard car insurance policies do not provide coverage if it undergoes any damage. And this is exactly where the engine protector add-on comes in as the perfect solution. It covers damage to the engine caused by water ingression, oil leakage, hydrostatic lock, etc. With this add-on, you can save up to 40% on the costs of repairing your car's engine. It provides protection against engine and engine part damage along with coverage for differential parts, gearbox and gearbox parts.

3️⃣24/7 Spot Assistance
This add-on guarantees that you won't find yourself stuck on the road because of any car-related issues. Whether you need a tyre change, an expert to examine your car's engine or assistance in case of an accident, you can contact the insurer and they will provide the necessary help immediately. The add-on provides nationwide coverage, offering on-the-spot assistance for various car-related issues and contingencies.

4️⃣Key and Lock Replacement
Car keys tend to be some of the most frequently lost items - sometimes left at a hotel, misplaced at home or the office, etc. Replacing car keys can be costly as it often involves not just getting a new key but also replacing the entire locking system. This is where this add-on can help you. It is designed to minimise the expenses associated with lost or misplaced keys. The insurer will handle the entire process of purchasing and replacing your car's locks and keys.

5️⃣Consumable Expenses
Owning a car and maintaining it in good shape are two very different aspects. Once you buy a car, you need to frequently get it checked and make sure it’s functioning at an optimum level. Car maintenance comes with ongoing expenses, including servicing, replacing spare parts, changing various types of car oils - especially after an accident, etc.

The consumables cover is designed to handle the costs associated with consumables like engine oil, braking oil, coolant, gear oil, etc., used during service or repair work after an accident.

6️⃣Personal Baggage Protection
Your car serves as your personal and secure space. You may often keep your valuables like laptops, tablets, money, and other highly-priced items in it even when you are away from the vehicle. However, there is a risk of theft, especially in less crowded or remote areas. This is where the personal baggage add-on steps in to help! It protects your personal belongings and safeguards you against the financial losses you may face due to damage to or theft of your belongings in the car.

7️⃣Conveyance Benefit
This add-on offers great convenience by addressing the small but important challenges you may encounter in your daily life after an accident. If your car is in the repair shop and your claim is approved, this add-on ensures you receive a specific amount from the insurer for your daily commute. With this benefit, you will not have to worry about the expenses of daily transportation, such as cab fares, etc. while your car is being serviced.