Retirement Calculator

Retirement Calculator

Retirement is often seen as life's golden chapter and marks a shift from work routines to a stage filled with endless possibilities. It is not a goodbye to life but a change in responsibilities. As you step into retirement, new dreams come your way and maintaining your lifestyle without financial concerns becomes a priority. Strategic planning is key to navigate this phase.

And this is precisely where a retirement calculator can be your helpful guide. This user-friendly tool assists in your financial planning and estimates how much money you will need to ensure a comfortable retirement. By inputting some basic information, the calculator provides an estimate of your financial readiness for retirement. It considers factors like inflation, investment returns, etc., highlights potential income gaps and helps you make informed decisions to achieve your retirement goals. With the retirement calculator, you can take proactive steps towards a worry-free and financially stable retirement.

What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is the process of securing your financial future during the retirement chapter of life. Retirement planning is crucial for financial management. It involves assessing your current financial status, setting clear retirement goals, and devising a strategy to accumulate the necessary funds for those goals.

The key here is to make sure you have saved and invested sufficiently for a comfortable life after retirement. It is not just about having extra income but also about handling unexpected medical costs, fulfilling your dreams, achieving financial freedom, and enjoying a stress-free golden age. When you start your retirement planning early, it makes it easier to gather the money needed to ensure a comfortable future.

What is a Retirement Planning Calculator?

The retirement planning calculator is a useful online tool to guide your retirement strategy. This free tool examines your current finances and predicts the funds needed for a relaxed post-retirement life. It helps you gauge the necessary amount for your retirement fund and determine if your current financial plan aligns with your retirement goals.

The calculator considers factors such as your age, desired retirement age, current income, savings, investments, expenses, etc. Using this data, it computes the savings needed for a worry-free retirement, providing a smart way to plan for a comfortable future.

How to Use SMC’s Retirement Calculator?

Finding the perfect retirement planning solution is simple with SMC's Retirement Calculator.

Here’s what you need to do -

  • Visit our SMC Insurance website to access the tool.
  • Simply input essential information like basic details such as your name, date of birth, desired retirement age, etc. The calculator is designed specifically to provide you with a personalised solution.
  • Next, you should provide financial and investment details like your current income, expenses, existing retirement investments (including Employees Provident Fund contributions), anticipated inflation rate, ROI, i.e., the expected returns on your post-retirement portfolio, etc.

Our retirement planning calculator considers the information you provide, including inflation, to determine the retirement corpus required for your desired lifestyle after you retire. You can also see the monthly investment you need to make to meet your retirement goal.

If needed, you can also make further adjustments to the information you entered as per your needs. The calculator will instantly display the changes. However, you should remember that the retirement calculator in India is only a general guide, and it gives you an estimate of the amount you might need post-retirement.

Benefits of Using SMC Retirement Calculator

Here's why you should consider using the SMC Retirement Calculator –

  • Helps In Strategic Financial Planning
  • This calculator offers a straightforward guide on how much you should regularly save to reach your retirement goals. By factoring in various crucial aspects like your current financial status, potential investments, daily life expenses, etc., it calculates the additional amount you need to save or invest. By assessing your current plans, it identifies any shortfall, empowering you to make necessary adjustments for a secure future.
  • Provides Financial Clarity At Your Fingertips
    If you already have a retirement plan, the SMC retirement calculator provides clarity on the potential outcome of your current strategy. Once you enter all the required details, it reveals the anticipated income.
  • Simple and Free
    Our retirement planning calculator is user-friendly and does not require any technical expertise. It is free to use, allowing you to access it as many times as needed. Just provide basic information like your age, monthly expenses, estimated retirement age, savings, investments, etc. Once you input these details, the calculator instantly reveals the amount you need to save for a secure retirement.
  • Saves You Time
    With this efficient retirement calculator, you can forget the manual struggle of planning your retirement corpus. Our calculator streamlines the process by considering all the crucial details. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to determine the amount required for a comfortable retirement.

How Does The Retirement Planning Calculator Work?

The retirement planning calculator will determine the amount you will need for a comfortable retirement. It calculates the corpus required to generate the income that you need for your golden years. First, it takes into account various factors such as your age, expected retirement age, current income, savings, investments, etc. This thorough evaluation allows the calculator to project the sum you will accumulate by the time you retire and assess whether it will be sufficient to cover your future expenses. Based on the details you provide, our retirement calculator goes a step further and makes an informed assessment of your estimated monthly expenses post-retirement.

Why Should I Have A Retirement Plan?

Here are a few reasons why you should have a retirement plan –

  • Safeguards Your Cherished Lifestyle
    Retirement planning goes beyond just numbers; it is about securing the life you have built and adored. Whether it is your cosy home, daily routine, or the joy of various activities, you have invested time and money in creating a life you love. A retirement plan ensures that the lifestyle you have created does not just slip away when you retire. It acts as a shield, assuring you have the financial means to maintain your desired lifestyle, preventing the risk of draining your savings.
  • Provides Financial Independence
    After years of providing for your family, the last thing you want is to find yourself relying on others for financial support. A well-thought-out retirement plan enables you to sustain financial independence. Instead of depending solely on government programs or family assistance, you can rely on the savings and investments accumulated during your working years. This way, you can stay in control of your financial stability and avoid placing a burden on your loved ones.
  • Battles Against Inflation
    India is experiencing a surge in inflation rates, making it uncertain how the economy will shape up when you retire. To navigate this uncertainty, a robust retirement plan is crucial. It considers the impact of inflation, ensuring that your savings and income during retirement remain adequate to meet the escalating living costs.
  • Secures Your Health In Your Golden Years
    As you age, your medical needs may evolve or increase. It is not ideal to depend on others during medical emergencies and compromise your health due to financial constraints. This is where a dependable pension plan acts as a financial cushion. It ensures that you have the necessary funds to cover potential medical expenses, including insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs and preserves your well-being during your golden years.
  • Safeguards Your Loved Ones
    Retirement planning extends beyond securing your own future; it is also about protecting your loved ones. A thoughtfully crafted plan enables you to leave a legacy, whether through inheritances, charitable contributions, or other financial gifts.
  • A Stress-Free Phase
    You would want your golden years to be filled with relaxation and joy, not overshadowed by financial stress. A comprehensive retirement plan provides peace of mind, allowing you to approach this phase of life with confidence and security. With a well-structured plan, you can count on a steady and reliable monthly income and make sure that your needs are adequately met post-retirement.

What is a Retirement Corpus?

A retirement corpus is the money you save and invest throughout your working years to support your life after retirement. It is like a financial nest egg that is meant to cover your living expenses, lifestyle choices, and other necessities during your post-employment years. It ensures that you can take care of yourself and your dependents in your retirement years - without relying on others. It is built through contributions to retirement accounts or plans, investments in stocks or bonds, and other means of accumulating wealth.

Quick Steps For Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement involves a few quick and crucial steps –

1️⃣Set Your Retirement Age
Determine when you would like to retire. While many retire at 60, the ideal age for retirement might differ based on individual circumstances. This decision is crucial, as it marks the point when your regular income stops or considerably reduces (if you are eligible for a pension), and you start relying on your savings and investments to meet your needs. It is typically the timeframe within which you need to organize and finalize your retirement plan.

2️⃣Assess Your Current Savings' Future Value
Take a close look at your current financial status by considering your income, expenses, debts, savings, etc. Evaluate your ability to save and figure out how much you can allocate to your retirement fund.

3️⃣Determine Your Retirement Corpus
A retirement corpus is the amount you aim to accumulate by the time you retire, ensuring a comfortable and financially secure post-retirement life. To figure it out, make use of the retirement calculator on our website. Input details like your desired retirement age, life expectancy, income, savings, investments, expected returns, inflation rate, etc. This tool will then give you a clear picture of the corpus you need for a stable life after your income stops. It provides a practical way to plan for a worry-free retirement.

4️⃣Begin Saving and Investing Wisely
You should set aside a part of your earnings for savings and investments, making sure it suits your saving capability. Consider this portion of your savings sacred and avoid tapping into it unless absolutely necessary. You should ensure that you create a budget that matches your retirement objectives. You should also look for investment options that match your financial goals and risk tolerance, such as bonds, mutual funds, etc. Furthermore, explore potential streams of retirement income, like pension plans, annuities, etc. and assess their expected returns.

5️⃣Regularly Check And Fine-Tune Your Retirement Plan
You should keep an eye on your retirement plan and check it at least once a year to ensure you are on track. Make sure to make any adjustments for changes in income, expenses, investments, or retirement age, especially during significant life events or shifts in your financial situation. If you are unable to save enough due to financial constraints or other reasons, explore alternative income sources like part-time work or a hobby that generates income.

Impact of Inflation on Retirement Savings

We often come across news headlines highlighting an increase in the prices of our essential items, and this can create financial stress, even if you are currently in a stable financial position. This increase in the price of goods and services over time is called inflation. It directly affects your medical expenses, the cost of food, and all other everyday essentials. Inflation does not just stop at affecting your daily expenses; it also diminishes the actual value of your money.

As prices rise, the purchasing power of each rupee reduces. This reduction in the value of money continues its silent assault on your savings even during your retirement phase. This is because inflation doesn’t retire when you do. It makes it more challenging to afford the same goods and services in the future.

This increase in prices can lead to a situation where your funds may not be enough to continue your current lifestyle once you retire. Now, think about the added struggle when you are no longer earning, facing the crossroads of retirement and relying on the savings you have diligently built. Retirement is not a short break from your earning phase; it is a long duration that can last for decades. And, in today’s era of longer life expectancy, you need to recognise that even a modest inflation rate can turn your secure savings into a financial mess. This is why you should have effective retirement planning.

Other Sources of Retirement Income

Listed below are some of the ways by which you can generate your retirement income –

  • Pension Plan
    It is also called a pension accumulation plan or retirement plan. It is a type of life insurance policy that serves a dual purpose. It helps you build up a retirement fund and also offers life insurance coverage. This plan gradually accumulates funds over the years to provide a pension when you retire. Pension plans can either be linked or non-linked –
    • Non-Linked Pension Accumulation Plan - Under this plan, you contribute premiums for a set duration. Once the policy matures, you receive a predetermined sum that provides financial support for your post-retirement needs and goals.
    • Linked Pension Accumulation Plan - Under this plan, your savings will be invested in market-linked instruments and accumulated in a systematic way into a fund. Upon maturity, the plan yields a lump sum to help you fulfil your retirement objectives.
  • Annuity Plan
    In this plan, you contribute premiums for a set duration. These payments accumulate into a fund and get converted into an annuity that ensures a reliable income stream. As you enter your retirement phase, you will begin receiving this periodic income.
  • Public Provident Fund (PPF)
    The Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a smart way to invest for the long term that provides a reasonable interest rate and assured returns on your investment. It has a 15-year lock-in period, which means that you cannot withdraw the funds during this timeframe. This ensures a disciplined approach to your savings. If needed, you can even extend this duration by an additional 5 years after the initial lock-in period. It acts as a smart savings plan that helps you build up a fund for your retirement.
  • Fixed Deposit
    A Fixed Deposit (FD) is a safe and hassle-free investment choice that offers both savings and substantial interest. With an FD, you contribute a specific amount of money for a chosen duration. It serves as a convenient and straightforward method to operate and manage your investments. The interest rates vary based on your chosen bank, deposit amount, tenure, etc. When the tenure ends, the accrued interest is calculated on your principal amount, and the total amount is returned to you. This generates a consistent and reliable source of income for your retirement life.
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)
    In India, when you make an investment in a mutual fund, you can make use of the Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) option. With SWP, you get to choose how much money you can withdraw from your mutual fund at regular intervals. This ensures that you can keep investing in your mutual fund and get a reliable income stream during your retirement years. It gives you the flexibility to balance your investments and enjoy a steady income post-retirement.

To Sum Up!

A retirement calculator is crucial for planning a secure financial future. It helps you estimate the amount you need to maintain your desired lifestyle even after retirement. SMC Insurance offers a user-friendly retirement calculator, aiding in personalised financial planning. By inputting key details, you can obtain a precise estimate of the amount of money required to ensure a comfortable and stress-free retirement. Empower your financial journey with our retirement calculator and make informed decisions.


  1. What is a retirement calculator?
    A retirement calculator is typically an online tool that figures out how much money you will need after you retire to maintain your current lifestyle.

  2. I work in a privately owned company. Should I have a private retirement plan?
    Yes, if you are employed in a privately owned company, having a private retirement plan is a smart addition to your overall retirement savings strategy. It gives you more control, allowing you to customise the plan based on your needs, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. And most importantly, a private retirement plan is not linked to your employer, so you can keep contributing and manage it even if you switch jobs. This flexibility ensures continued financial security, regardless of your employment status.
  3. How much should I save for retirement by age?
    Figuring out the right amount to save for your retirement depends on various factors like your desired lifestyle post-retirement, expected expenses, estimated retirement age, life expectancy, and individual circumstances. Determining the ideal savings amount for your future isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario and it varies from person to person. Use SMC’s calculator to figure out the specific amount you should save for a secure financial future.
  4. What is the significance of planning for retirement?
    Retirement planning is essential to secure your financial future and to also ensure a comfortable lifestyle during your non-working years. It enables you to build a financial safety net, manage risks, and address potential challenges such as healthcare expenses, inflation, etc. By utilising our retirement calculator, you can take the first step towards a well-planned and worry-free retirement.
  5. What is the most significant financial risk during retirement?
    A significant financial risk in retirement is outliving your savings, often known as longevity risk. Given the increasing life expectancies, you may spend decades in retirement. Without proper planning for a potentially long retirement, you may deplete your savings, which may later lead to financial challenges in life. To protect yourself from such risks,  plan your retirement using our retirement planning calculator.