The Brainery is a conglomerate group of the platform providing insights about insurance, finance management, facts & figures, increasing inflation, govt. new norms and policies etc. At the outset, we continue with our positive outlook on both the Indian economy and the relevance of the insurance sector. The focus is to aware the general public about the significance of a change in policies with the prime objective of wider coverage. High GDP growth rate, foreign exchange reserves, rising inflation, etc. arise the urgency of purchasing insurance policies for a secured future. The various plans of investment and insurance are improvising the growth of the economy and a healthy future by generating cash transactions. The urge for insurance policy post Covid-19 pandemic has tremendously increased leading people towards a better-secured future.

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Apart from this, social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have attracted these generations. Our motive is to penetrate our youngsters towards the long-term benefits of purchasing different types of insurance policies solving your different purpose at a young age. Among the multiple options available in insurance brokerage, SMC Insurance has identified the major upshot that needs focus in order to remain ambitious in a dynamic environment.

Now, we are ready to provide full latest updates about the new strategies that the Government is planning to implement and the perspective of growth behind the idea of implementation. Let’s dive into the insights of SMC Insurance experts and upgrade our knowledge revolving around the insurance and investment sector.