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Why SMC Insurance?

Buying insurance becomes convenient when you have the right insurance partner with you. SMC is one of the best platforms to buy an insurance policy according to your needs because of the following reasons -

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Benefits Of Buying From SMC

When it comes to getting insurance, having the right partner makes all the difference. SMC stands out as the preferred choice for personalised insurance solutions. Here is an in-depth look at why:

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Customer-Centric Approach

Our approach revolves around your and your family’s specific needs. We tailor plan recommendations exclusively with your best interests in mind. We prioritise understanding your unique requirements to offer insurance solutions that truly meet your expectations.

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Respect For Your Time

Recognising the value of your time, we ensure not to flood your inbox or call you unnecessarily. We operate on your terms, reaching out only when you request assistance, thus respecting your privacy and time constraints.

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Comprehensive Support

Insurance is more than just a document; it is about assurance. We are dedicated to being there for you, providing expert assistance and support throughout - from purchase to claims process and everything in between. You will receive support from us every step of the way - be it purchasing the policy, getting an endorsement done, renewing the policy, making a claim under the policy or anything else.

How SMC Insurance Works?

Follow the steps mentioned below to fulfill your insurance-based needs

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    Visit our website at

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    Choose the type of insurance you need, such as Car Insurance, Bike Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Investment Plans, or any other type.

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    Fill in your details and explore the available plans. You can also check the features, benefits, limitations, etc., of the plans.

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    Once you find a plan suitable to your needs, you can proceed with the application and buy the plan.

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    Log in to our website using your email or mobile number.

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    You will receive a one-time password (OTP) for verification.

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    After entering the OTP, you can access various options like policy generation, lead generation, and tracking business, among other options.

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    You can also check your profile details in the ‘My Profile’ section, including your name, mobile number, email, PAN number, date of birth, and bank details. Here, you can also change/update your mobile number, email id or bank details after an OTP verification.

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    You can perform various tasks, including policy bookings, claim registrations, and managing policy endorsements, all within a streamlined workflow

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Buy Insurance Plans At SMC!

At SMC, we offer a range of insurance options, including car insurance, bike insurance, health insurance, life insurance, investment plans and more. You can compare insurance plans and check out the benefits, features, premiums, etc., of various policies. Once you find the ideal policy that fits your coverage needs and budget, you can proceed with the hassle-free purchase process.

One App For All Your Insurance Need

It is annoying when things are not in your control, right? But not when you use our app! It's user-friendly and easy to access - with the promise of quick responses in a jiffy.


Our Customers' Stories

Sharing the experience of happy and satisfied customers with you.

Sameer Yadav

I was searching for investment plan but I couldn't find it, then I got the call from SMC insurance and they aligned a call with Ishita Sharma as point of contact (POC) for all my queries and she explain me very well. Ishita explain me all investment plan with advantage and disadvantage, I really appreciate her. Ishita always enthusiast towords work and ready to answer all my questions .I have taken two policies ( HDFC click to invest) plan with 15k premium per month. I always recommend SMC insurance to all, for better life and happy retirement with huge health and wealth. Thank You SMC insurance for your best service. Special thanks to Ishita for E2E help and endless support, you did fabulous work. Show More

Dheeraj Bhatia

I am associated with SMC insurance since 2011 and found them to be most ethical, trustworthy and highly responsive. Some of my precious policies done thru other agencies are still running on SMC’s advice. That is a strong testimony to their customer-centric approach. I am glad to be associated with SMC and strongly recommend their services to all concerned. Wishing the very best to Team SMC !Show More

Jyoti Sharma

We were fortunate enough to have selected SMC as our Health Insurance Broker for they have been very helpful in resolving our queries related to health insurance. I would like to cite two examples where SMC's role has been very crucial. One was when payment for cashless hospitalization was not coming through as the insurance company was taking undue longer time to approve the Hospital Bill. It was then I talked to Neha and it was she who through her contacts in the Insurance co. facilitated and expedited the approval for payment of hospital bill. Second was very recently when the Insurance co. had proposed a top up "Enhancer" policy for our existing policy. When I talked to Neha she immediately told me not to take this policy being offered without any medical test as it will not be beneficial to us and may create problem later on account of recent hospitalization. If I had I not consulted Neha, I would have into a big trouble with the insurance co. These two instances speak very high of sincere advice and timely help rendered by the SMC Staff, Ms. Neha Khanna which helped us a lot in time of need.Show More

Sumit Khanna

Hi, I am Sumit here, purchasing insurance policies from SMC for almost 8 years. Would like to recommend this company to other customers because they are taking care of my insurance broking services in a fabulous way. I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to policy servicing and also insurance claim backend services. They have rendered fantabulous services for me and would like you guys to definitely go and rely on them for all your insurance needs.Show More

Kishor Kumar Bijlani

My experience with SMC Brokers is excellent. They provide support from the beginning till end i.e from issuance of insurance policies till settlement of claims. They explain very nicely various provisions relating to Insurance Policy also facilitate settlement of claims with Insurance Companies. Show More

Megha Singhal

I have purchased HDFC policy from SMC Insurance with the help of Harsh Sharma. I have got the satisfactory services from SMC Insurance. Thank you SMC Insurance.Show More

Nishant Dutta

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional service provided by your company SMC. As a long-time channel partner I have always been impressed by the professionalism, dedication, and integrity shown by your team in handling my insurance needs. From the very beginning of my engagement with SMC Insurance, I was struck by the level of care and attention given to ensuring that I found the best insurance solutions for my unique requirements. Your team's knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry have provided me with peace of mind and security. I would like to commend your all POS customer service Team representatives especially Sunanjani , Muskan in particular for their unwavering commitment to excellence. Their prompt and courteous responses to my inquiries, as well as their willingness to go the extra mile to assist me, have truly set SMC Insurance apart from other providers. Moreover, the efficiency and professionalism demonstrated by your claims processing team have further solidified my trust and satisfaction in SMC Insurance. Even my Manager Aimil Khan sir & Anamik ma’am always support me to increase my business.Show More

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Have questions about insurance

Have Questions About Insurance?

Browse the list below to understand insurance in a simpler way.

No, you will not be charged any extra amount. SMC portal shows you the same amount of premium across the web.

No, we are helping our customers to choose insurance and investment products best suited for them, not working as a middle-man for selling insurance. Our priority is to suggest the right insurance product for well-being financial lives of our customer.

Absolutely YES. SMC is here with the motive to assist you at every phase from guidance regarding best policy to avail claims easily. So you can count on us positively.

No! And that's a promise! We follow a complete non-intrusive approach. We respect your time and do not want to disturb you unnecessarily. We want to make insurance a pull product rather than a push product. You will receive a call only if you will request a call from us.

You'll find both life and non-life insurance products on our website. The popular ones on our website are Car Insurance, Two-wheeler Insurance, Health Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Term Insurance, and Investment Plans.

The benefits of getting insurance policy from our website:

  • Comparison between different insurance companies on a single platform
  • Unbiased consultation
  • Online calculator available providing you the exact amount of premium
  • Claims assistance from our expertise team when requested from your end
  • Detailed information about insurance products for better understanding
  • Select and buy insurance policy in just 2 minutes

Partners - We Are Proud To Have

We have over 35+ insurance partners on our back. Rest assured, you won't be short of choices.

Happy To Help You, Reach Us!

SMC has an expert team to solve all your queries regarding insurance policies. Feel free to contact us via:

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Need a Human touch
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