What Is A Cashless Garage/Workshop?

Cashless garages/workshops are the ones that have a tie-up with your insurance company. When you take your vehicle to a network garage for repair, you don’t have to pay the repair bill from your own pocket. It will be taken care of by the insurance company. You just have to pay the deductible amount as well as any applicable consumable charges.

What Is Meant By Cashless Claims?

In a cashless claim, any repair expenses incurred by you for repairing your vehicle at a network garage are taken care of by your insurance company. The only amount that you will have to pay will be compulsory deductibles, consumable charges (if any), and depreciation of the vehicle parts (only if the add-on zero depreciation is not taken).

How Does The Cashless Claim Process In Car Insurance Work?

Follow these steps for a seamless cashless claim process -

  1. In the case of an accident, you must immediately contact the insurance company and disclose the accident details to them.
  2. You will have to provide the insurance company with the complete details of the accident and the garage address where the vehicle will be taken for repair. If there is a death or third-party involvement, the insurance company will also request an FIR.
  3. Once the insurance company receives all the required information, it will send a surveyor to check the vehicle's condition at the garage where the vehicle is being repaired.
  4. Following the inspection and approval of the surveyor, the garage can commence the repair work on the vehicle.
  5. The surveyor will need a few documents from you which will include
    • A copy of the RC
    • A copy of your driver’s license
    • A copy of ID proof
  6. You will also need to sign a few documents which are:
    • Claim form
    • Satisfaction Voucher (a written consent taken from the insured prior to the release of the claim payment to confirm his/her satisfaction towards their vehicle repairs)
    • Discharge Voucher (Discharge voucher is taken at the time of claim settlement. The form states the amount that will be payable to the customer and they have to acknowledge the amount by signing the form).
  7. The garage will hand over the repair bill and invoice directly to the insurance company once the work is completed.
  8. After deducting depreciation charges and deductibles, the insurance company will settle the claim amount to the garage.

Deciding which is the best insurance company for availing the cashless facility is a personal choice. For instance, if the insurance company provides a cashless facility at a garage that you frequently visit, it will be an apt choice for you.

So, while picking the best insurance company, go for one that has tie-ups with the maximum number of garages, which should include your preferred garage and the garages in your vicinity.

In a cashless car insurance claim, any repair expense incurred by you will be paid for by the insurance company. You will have to pay only the deductibles and consumable charges if any.

Yes, a cashless claim is good, especially when the repair cost is steep. You don’t have to run around to arrange the money and you also don’t need to do all the paperwork all by yourself. You just need to drop your vehicle at the network garage. Once your claim is approved, the insurance makes a direct payment to the garage. All you need to pay is the deductibles and consumable charges (if any).

If your cashless car insurance claim is rejected, you will have to get the vehicle repaired at your own expense. The insurance company will give you the reason behind the rejection. If you are not satisfied with the reason for the rejection, you can take this up with the insurance ombudsman.

Once the surveyor gives their approval for the repair and all the formalities are completed, the insurer will approve your claim and your vehicle will be released by the garage as soon as it is repaired.

This Depends On How Big Or Small The Claim Is.

  • If your car has sustained minor dents or scratches which you can afford to pay for, it’s better to pay for the same from your own pocket. This also helps save any accumulated no-claim bonus.
  • If the repair cost is high, making an insurance claim is a better choice as it will not pinch a hole in your pocket.

If you meet with an accident, you need to inform the insurance company about the accident and the damages caused to your vehicle. You should then take your vehicle to the network garage registered with your insurance company. The insurance company will appoint a surveyor who will inspect your vehicle. After the surveyor approves the repairs, the garage can start the repair work after which the claim will be settled directly with the garage by the insurance company.

Providing a guarantee for cashless is not possible as both the insurance company and the network garages can walk out of their contract at any time. Insurance companies can reject cashless claims with certain garages even if the garage will be listed with them and vice-versa. So, it is necessary that you check cashless availability with both the garages as well as the insurance companies.

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