Term Life Insurance For Heart Patients

Term Life Insurance For Heart Patients

Did you know that cardiovascular diseases like stroke, ischaemic heart disease, etc., account for around 17.7 million deaths worldwide? Based on World Health Organization reports, India accounts for 1/5th of such deaths, especially in the younger generation. The American Heart Association report says that roughly 25% of deaths in India are due to cardiovascular diseases.

Life can take an unexpected turn at any point in time. This is why investing in a term insurance policy can be the best way to financially support your family members who are dependent on your income for their living expenses when you are diagnosed with such a critical illness. Rather than worrying about what will happen, plan for your family’s future in the best possible way.

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Importance of Term Insurance for Heart Patients

Lifestyle changes - the food we eat, increase in pollution, addictive habits like smoking/drinking, etc. - are making us vulnerable to many illnesses. One of the most common is heart disease, which can prove to be life-threatening. While as grim as this sounds, it highlights the need for buying a term insurance policy.

You should start planning for your family’s future responsibly. You never know what life may bring. If you have dependent family members, your sudden loss might disbalance their life, especially if you’re the sole earning member. They will lose their only source of income and will have to run from pillar to post to make ends meet.

This is why you should invest in term insurance.

Can You Get Term Insurance If You Are A Heart Patient?

After contracting heart disease, the person’s health becomes very vulnerable. So, if you have contracted heart disease, it will be harder for you to purchase term insurance as compared to other people. This is because underwriters will want to analyse your specific risk factors and current condition. You may have to pay higher premiums - depending on the nature and severity of the disease.

How to Buy Term Insurance When You Have A Heart Disease?

Term insurance offers financial protection to your family in case something happens to you during the policy duration. When you set out to buy the policy, you will see that there are a plethora of options available in the insurance market for you to choose from. Each option available will have different benefits, coverage, and premiums. The chances of you finding a policy will be better if you do your due research and compare a few different policies based on these factors.

Generally, term insurance premiums are calculated on the basis of your entry age, health conditions, policy duration, sum assured you select, etc. If you have a heart disease, the insurer may ask you to undergo medical tests to know the severity of the heart disease and the risks associated with it. In case they don’t, make sure you honestly declare all the medical problems you are suffering from - don’t intentionally hide anything. This will ensure that your family is not hassled in case a claim under the policy arises in the future.

Factors Considered By An Insurance Company Before Issuing A Policy

Here are a few factors insurers consider before issuing a term insurance plan if you are a heart patient -

  • Your Age
    Age is one of the first things insurance companies will consider when you buy a term plan with heart disease.

  • The Severity Of Your Heart Condition
    The severity and stage of your heart condition are vital factors in determining your eligibility. If the condition has lifelong and critical effects on your health, getting term insurance may be tougher.

  • The Treatment You Are Undergoing
    You will be asked to submit your medical records and doctor’s advice. If your heart condition necessitates medication and treatments for a lifetime, you may either not get a policy or get a policy with higher premiums.

  • Steps You Are Taking To Manage The Condition
    Your insurance company may also closely monitor how you are handling the heart condition. Any steps you take to manage the condition like exercising regularly, eating healthy food, managing your weight, etc. will contribute positively towards your insurance purchase.

  • Family’s History Of Heart Conditions
    If the heart condition is genetic and can be seen in multiple members of your family, it may be tougher to get the policy because you automatically become riskier to cover.

  • Other Health Issues
    Health issues like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc. are also taken into account since they have a direct impact on your heart condition.

If you aren’t eligible for individual term insurance, you can opt for a group term insurance plan, since it has less stringent checks. Simultaneously, build a personal savings fund for your family. This way, you will have an insurance cover and a backup fund so your family can achieve their goals and continue the same standard of living - even in your absence.


The article has covered everything you need to know about buying a term insurance policy for heart patients. We would recommend that you take ample time in comparing the different insurance options available for people with critical illnesses to get the best out of your policy.