Aarogyasri Telangana 2024 - A Comprehensive Guide

by SMCIB on Friday, 24 May 2024

Aarogyasri Telangana 2024 - A Comprehensive Guide

Health concerns are on the rise. And, one of the most pressing challenges is the increasing difficulty in meeting the costs associated with medical treatments and healthcare services. This financial strain is especially pronounced among individuals and families below the poverty line, who often find themselves grappling with the daunting burden of medical expenses.

Understanding the critical need to address these challenges and ensure equitable healthcare access for all citizens, governments have been taking significant steps. Many initiatives have been implemented to bridge the gap and make healthcare more accessible, regardless of an individual's financial standing. Among these initiatives, one scheme that stands out is the Aarogyasri Community Health Insurance Scheme implemented in Telangana.

The Aarogyasri scheme is designed to offer vital assistance to economically disadvantaged individuals and families in Telangana. Through comprehensive health insurance coverage, it plays a crucial role in making essential medical treatments accessible to those who need them the most. This article focuses on uncovering the significant impact of the Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme in Telangana, examining how it brings financial security and other benefits to the people of the region.

What Is The Aarogyasri Community Health Insurance Scheme?

The Aarogyasri scheme in Telangana, India, is a cornerstone of healthcare initiatives aimed at supporting families in need. It was implemented by the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust. The trust, established by the state government of Andhra Pradesh and presided over by the chief minister, facilitates the implementation of the Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme. Its operations are overseen by a chief executive officer with an IAS officer designation.

The Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme plays a crucial role in providing essential financial support for medical expenses. It covers a range of critical and life-threatening conditions with a sum insured of Rs. 10 lakhs per family. This initiative facilitates cashless treatments across various medical specialities at partnered hospitals, encompassing cardiology, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopaedics, and more. Its overarching objective is to guarantee that all citizens can avail themselves of top-notch healthcare without the added burden of financial concerns.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For The Aarogyasri Telangana Scheme?

To qualify for the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust program in Telangana, it's essential to meet specific eligibility requirements -

  • Residency: You must be a resident of Telangana.
  • Financial Status: You should be either below the poverty line or regarded as economically disadvantaged by the government.
  • Identification: You need a valid government-issued ID.
  • Referral: You must be referred from a government hospital or primary health centre.

Remember, eligibility criteria can differ depending on the type of medical procedure or treatment needed. So, for accurate guidance regarding your eligibility, you can directly contact the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust or a government hospital/primary health centre.

How Do You Sign In To The Aarogyasri Telangana Website?

In order to log in to the Aarogyasri Telangana website, here's what you need to do -

  1. First, head to their official site.
  2. Once there, click the "Login" button at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Next, enter your username and password in the provided fields and just click on the "Login" to access your account.

No need to worry if you haven't made an account yet! Simply click on the "Sign Up" button present on the login page and follow the easy steps to get your new account ready. However, remember that the Aarogyasri Telangana website is mainly for registered healthcare providers and authorised users. If you're a patient looking for healthcare services, it's best to contact a healthcare provider directly or visit a healthcare facility for help.

How Do You Apply For An Aarogyasri Card Telangana?

To apply for Aarogyasri Telangana, here's what you need to -

  1. First, go to the official Aarogyasri Telangana website and select the "New Enrollment" tab.
  2. Complete the online application form by providing your personal and family details. Make sure to have proof of identity and residence ready.
  3. Upload the scanned copies of the necessary paperwork, including proof of identity, residence, and income (if applicable).
  4. Submit the application form and await verification.
  5. Upon approval, you will receive an Aarogyasri Card Telangana, which grants you access to the scheme's healthcare benefits.

Required Documents For Aarogyasri Telangana Scheme Registration

Here are the documents required for applying to the Aarogyasri Telangana Scheme -

  • Applicant's Photograph: Your recent photograph is needed for identification purposes.
  • BPL Card: The BPL card acts as evidence of your economic status, showing you meet the income criteria to qualify for government assistance.
  • Ration Card: The ration card is an additional document that assists in confirming your economic status and household information. It is often used for identification purposes as well.
  • White Card: Sometimes, a "White Card" may be necessary, which could be a healthcare or medical card provided by the government or a relevant authority. This card might include vital details about your medical background or entitlement to healthcare benefits.
  • Mobile Number: Including a mobile number is essential for communication purposes. It enables authorities to contact you regarding your application status, appointment reminders, or any updates related to the scheme.
  • Email Address: Likewise, an email address is vital for electronic communication. It enables the transmission of important documents, notifications, or updates regarding your involvement in the Aarogyasri scheme.

By providing these documents, you contribute to accurately assessing your eligibility for the Aarogyasri Telangana scheme, ensuring you can access its essential healthcare benefits.

What Are The Key Features Of The Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme?

Let’s delve into standout features that define the Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme -

  • Scope Of Coverage
    The Aarogyasri Card Telangana offers comprehensive coverage for a range of medical services, including surgeries, hospitalisations, diagnostic tests, and treatments for life-threatening conditions. It covers the cost of treating illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, neurological conditions, and more. This extensive coverage ensures that beneficiaries have access to essential healthcare services without worrying about financial constraints.
  • Benefits Of The Aarogysari Telangana Scheme
    The Aarogyasri Card Telangana provides financial support for a range of medical expenses, including hospitalisations, diagnostic tests, surgeries, and other essential procedures related to covered illnesses. This coverage aims to relieve the financial burden on beneficiaries, ensuring they can access vital healthcare services without facing overwhelming costs. By doing so, the scheme promotes improved health outcomes and helps individuals avoid significant financial hardships often associated with medical treatments.
  • Network Hospitals
    The Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme has a large network of hospitals, including both government and private ones. This means beneficiaries can choose from a wide range of healthcare providers for their treatment, whether it's a government hospital or a private clinic. They can access medical services without concerns about costs, thanks to the scheme's coverage. This network shows how committed the scheme is to making healthcare accessible and ensuring quality care for everyone eligible in Telangana.
  • Claim Settlement Process
    Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme beneficiaries can easily claim reimbursement for their medical expenses through either the scheme's official website or designated centres. This simple process enables them to seek reimbursement for eligible expenses related to their treatment. Offering multiple options for claim submission ensures convenience and accessibility, making the reimbursement process smoother and more efficient for beneficiaries.
  • Premiums
    The Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme is fully funded by the government, meaning beneficiaries don't have to worry about paying any premiums. This allows eligible individuals to benefit from the scheme's extensive healthcare coverage without any financial strain. By removing the need for premiums, the scheme aims to provide fair access to healthcare services for all eligible beneficiaries, irrespective of their financial situation. This approach reflects the government's dedication to promoting universal healthcare and making essential medical treatment more accessible by reducing financial obstacles.

What Is Covered Under The Telangana Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme?

The Aarogyasri Card Telangana offers extensive coverage for a variety of medical conditions -

  • Neurological Conditions: The coverage extends to medical expenses associated with neurological conditions, like Parkinson's disease, stroke, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Cancer: It covers expenses for different cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgeries.
  • Heart Disease: The scheme includes medical procedures for heart conditions, like coronary artery bypass surgery, angioplasty, and valve replacements.
  • Kidney Disease: It caters to the costs of treatments like dialysis and kidney transplants for kidney-related ailments.
  • Orthopaedic Conditions: This includes treatment expenses for orthopaedic issues like joint replacements and spinal surgeries.
  • Gastrointestinal Conditions: The scheme provides coverage for medical procedures related to gastrointestinal disorders, such as surgeries for ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.
  • Burns: Coverage includes treatment costs for burns, including surgical interventions and skin grafting.
  • Neonatal Care: The scheme extends coverage for medical treatment for newborns with specific medical conditions.
  • Respiratory Conditions: It covers treatment expenses for respiratory conditions, namely chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma.

It's worth mentioning that while the list highlights the main coverages of the Aarogyasri Card Telangana, it might also cover other illnesses not specifically listed. Moreover, the extent of coverage under the scheme can vary based on individual situations and is subject to specific terms and conditions. It's essential for individuals to review the policy details and consult with the scheme authorities or healthcare providers for a clear understanding of their coverage.

Exclusions Of The Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme

The Aarogyasri Card Telangana does not cover certain medical conditions or procedures, including -

  • Bone Marrow Procedures: Medical procedures involving bone marrow, like transplants or related treatments.
  • Hip And Knee Replacement Surgeries: Costs related to surgeries for hip and knee replacements.
  • Liver Transplantation: Expenses related to liver transplantation surgeries.
  • Cardiac Transplantation: Costs associated with cardiac transplantation surgeries.
  • Assisted Devices For Cardiac Failure: Devices used to assist with cardiac failure, such as pacemakers or ventricular assist devices.
  • Infectious Diseases: Treatment for infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens.
  • Leprosy: Expenses related to treating leprosy, a chronic infectious disease affecting the skin and nerves.
  • Jaundice: Expenses related to the treatment of jaundice.
  • Gamma-Knife Procedures In Neurosurgery: Costs related to gamma-knife procedures used in neurosurgery.
  • Filaria: Expenses related to the treatment of filarial infections caused by parasitic worms.
  • Gastroenteritis: Treatment for gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract often caused by infection.
  • Tuberculosis: Treatment for tuberculosis, a bacterial infection primarily affecting the lungs.
  • HIV/AIDS: Treatment for HIV/AIDS, a viral infection weakening the immune system.

These exclusions outline the medical conditions, procedures, and diseases for which beneficiaries of the Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme wouldn't receive coverage or financial assistance. It's crucial for individuals to understand these limitations and consider alternative options or seek additional support for these particular healthcare needs.

Aarogyasri Telangana Health Camp Services

The state government aims to raise awareness among rural communities about the state travel health insurance scheme. They also want to educate people about various diseases and the availability of free medicines and medical advice provided under the scheme. Arogyasathi is designed to offer medical facilities to those in need, emphasising the importance of accessible healthcare for everyone.

Under the IEC (Information, Education and Communication) operations, the Aarogyasri Telangana Scheme mandates network hospitals to conduct free health camps, ensuring that beneficiaries receive evaluation and treatment conveniently. The following services are provided as part of this initiative -

  • Creating Radio Advertisements
    These ads are designed as short audio clips or commercials to showcase the benefits of the Aarogyasri Telangana scheme. They are strategically broadcasted on local radio stations, aiming to reach a diverse audience, with a particular focus on rural areas where radio is a widely embraced form of communication.
  • Pamphlet Distribution
    Pamphlets with key details about the Aarogyasri scheme, including enrollment steps, benefits, and contact information, are printed and distributed in rural areas to ensure that individuals without access to other media sources receive targeted information about the scheme.
  • Audio-Visual Media Playback
    This involves using audio and video presentations to inform people about the Aarogyasri scheme. These presentations include informative videos or slideshows highlighting the scheme's features, coverage, and benefits. They are showcased at community centres, health camps, or public gatherings to educate the audience about the scheme's advantages effectively.
  • Daily Newspaper Articles And Adverts
    Local newspapers regularly publish articles and ads to inform people about the Aarogyasri scheme. These pieces dive deep into the scheme's goals, who can join, and what it offers, reaching a wide range of readers from varied backgrounds.
  • Village Meetings
    Village meetings are set up to personally engage with community members and inform them about the Aarogyasri scheme. These gatherings encourage open conversations, allowing them to address any questions or concerns, and inspire eligible individuals to sign up for the scheme.
  • Posters And Banners
    Key messages about the Aarogyasri scheme are displayed on posters and banners in public areas like community centres and village squares. These visuals catch people's eyes and continuously remind the local population about the scheme's availability and advantages.

In essence, these communication and outreach efforts are all about spreading the word about the Aarogyasri Telangana scheme to rural communities. The goal is to boost awareness and make it much easier for people to access healthcare services when they need them most.

Contact Details And Customer Care Number Of The Aarogyasri Telangana Health Care Trust


D.No. 8-2-293/82a/ahct Road,

No: 46, G Rami Reddy Marg, Silent Valley hills,

Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

Phone: 040 2354 7107

Chief Executive Officer

Smt. N.R. Visalatchy, I.Po.S.


040-23547107 040-23555657

Executive Officer (Admin. & HR)          

Dr. M. Ram Rathod


040-23457107 8333815906

Now that we've explored the Aarogyasri Telangana scheme, let's delve into why investing in health insurance is essential in the first place.

Significance Of Health Insurance

Here are some compelling reasons why a health insurance policy is a must-have -

  • Offers Financial Protection
    Healthcare expenses can be pretty intimidating, right? From regular check-ups to major surgeries, those medical bills can pile up fast. But with health insurance, you're not in it alone. It steps in to cover a big chunk of those expenses, saving you from possible financial disaster.

    Life throws curveballs, especially with health. Whether it's a sudden illness, an unexpected accident, or a serious diagnosis, having health insurance is like having a safety net. It means you can get the medical help you need without worrying too much about the cost.
  • Access to Top-Notch Healthcare
    Your health isn't just a part of your life; it's the very foundation on which everything else stands. Having health insurance is like holding a financial safety net woven with care and expertise. It means you can focus on getting the care you need, whether it's consulting with specialists, obtaining vital medications, or undergoing essential treatments, without worrying about the financial strain.

    What's more, having health insurance isn't just about peace of mind; it's about opening doors to a world of healthcare possibilities. It encourages proactive healthcare seeking because you know you have the means to address health concerns promptly. And let's not forget the access it provides to a network of trusted professionals and facilities, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best in terms of care and expertise.
  • Provides Peace of Mind
    Having the peace of mind that comes with being covered by health insurance is truly invaluable. Knowing that you're prepared and protected in case of the unforeseen allows you to relax and breathe easier. However, it's crucial to also consider the claim settlement ratio of health insurance plans. This ensures that when you do need to make a claim, you can have confidence that it will be processed smoothly and without unnecessary hassles.
  • Promotes Preventive Care
    Staying proactive about your health is like investing in your future well-being. Health insurance understands this and often covers preventive services such as vaccinations, screenings, and wellness exams at little or no cost to you. It's like having a supportive partner in your health journey.

    By taking preventive measures, you're not only avoiding immediate health issues but also potentially preventing serious and costly health problems down the road. Health insurance isn't just for emergencies; it's a tool that empowers you to take control of your health proactively. It's about addressing any potential health concerns early on, like catching a small glitch before it turns into a major problem.

And, when you buy insurance, ensure you read the terms and conditions carefully, so you know what to expect!

Wrapping Up!

The Aarogyasri Health Insurance Scheme in Telangana emerges as a beacon of hope for economically disadvantaged individuals and families, offering a lifeline in the face of rising healthcare costs. By providing comprehensive coverage, easy access to quality healthcare services, and extensive outreach efforts, this initiative not only bridges the gap in healthcare accessibility but also brings peace of mind and financial security to countless lives. It underscores the vital role of health insurance in safeguarding well-being and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their financial condition, can receive the medical care they deserve.

Note: The information presented here is generic and intended purely for informational and explanatory purposes. It has been gathered from multiple secondary sources on the internet and may be subject to change.


To start your enrollment process on the Aarogyasri Telangana website, follow these steps -

  • Navigate to the "New Enrollment" tab.
  • Complete the online form with accurate personal and family information. Ensure you have valid proof of identity and residence documents handy. Upload scanned copies of the required paperwork, such as proof of identity, residence, and income, if required.
  • Submit your completed form and await verification.
  • Upon approval, you'll receive an Aarogyasri Card Telangana, granting you access to healthcare benefits.

Yes, you do have the flexibility to choose your preferred hospital for treatment under Aarogyasri Telangana, provided it complies with the terms and conditions of your coverage. It's crucial to note that Aarogyasri Telangana has a network of hospitals where you can conveniently receive cashless treatment by presenting your Aarogyasri Telangana Card. While you do have the option to select your own hospital, opting for a network hospital can simplify the process and guarantee smooth access to treatment without any hassles.

You'll need to upload documents that verify your identity and residence in Telangana, such as an Aadhaar card, driver's licence, or ration card for ID proof. Then, submit an address proof, such as a rental agreement, utility bills, or bank statement to confirm your residency. If required, include an income certificate demonstrating that your earnings fall below the specified threshold to qualify for this government health scheme.

Claim submission under the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust scheme can be made online via the scheme's website or in person at authorised centres, adhering to the procedures specified by the trust.

The scheme aims to reduce financial barriers to healthcare by covering a broad spectrum of treatment costs, offering cashless hospital services, and conducting health camps, ensuring access to medical care for a wide range of illnesses.

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