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According to IRDAI guidelines, all COVID-19 related hospitalisation medical expenses are covered by the Corona Kavach Health Insurance. This health insurance policy helpsindividuals to get coverage against all COVID-19 related hospitalisation medical expenses up to the sum insured by the insurer.

SMC Insurance brings you all the essential information about the policy, including key features and benefits, eligibility criteria, and the claims process. This will help you compare and buy the corona health insurance policy more effectively.

What is Corona Kavach Health Insurance?

The Indian Government has taken several precautions and made numerous efforts to address the coronavirus outbreak. The insurance business has also developed various COVID-19 basic and standard health insurance plans to cover hospitalisation expenses associated with the treatment related to COVID-19.

A Corona Kavach Health Insurance is an indemnity health insurance policy created to cover hospitalisation and medical expenses incurred during COVID treatment. This policy covers both pre-and post-hospitalisation medical costs, and provides domiciliary therapy costs and AYUSH treatment expenditures. A Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy also covers the policyholder's other medical problems due to Coronavirus during their hospitalisation.

What are the Types of Corona Kavach Health Insurance?

There are two types of Corona Cover Health Insurance policy-

  • Corona Health Insurance Policy for Individuals

This policy covers an individual for hospitalisation expenses related to Coronavirus treatment.

  • Corona Health Insurance Policy for Family

This corona health insurance covers the entire family under one sum insured limit, including dependent parents, dependent children, and spouse. The family insurance for corona covers up to 6 persons.

Who Should Opt For It?

Corona Kavach Health Insurance should be opt by every Indian, whether they are service-class, self-employed, or business person, as the virus threat is not yet over. This policy will help individuals financially in unforeseen medical emergencies that can occur due to the deadly virus.

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Why Opt For Corona Kavach Health Insurance?

Corona Kavach health insurance is a new type of insurance that has been introduced in India to provide coverage against the novel Coronavirus.

There are several reasons why you should opt for Corona Kavach Health Insurance:

  • It provides financial protection against the Coronavirus.
  • It offers a lump sum benefit in case of death due to Coronavirus.
  • It covers the cost of treatment of coronavirus infection.
  • It is available at an affordable price.

The spread of the novel Coronavirus has led to a surge in the number of people opting for this insurance policy.

How SMC Helps in Buying Corona Kavach Health Insurance?

SMC Insurance is one of the leading health insurance aggregators in India. We offer comprehensive information on a wide range of health insurance policies, including Corona Kavach Health Insurance; our aim is to provide you all the necessary information while eliminating all jargon.

We will help you to understand the key features and benefits of the policy so that you can make an informed decision. We will also guide you the eligibility criteria and the claims process. Our team of insurance experts is always there to assist you in choosing the best health insurance policy for your needs.

How Does Corona Kavach Health Insurance Work?

Corona Health Insurance Policy works like any other health insurance policy. Under this policy, the insurer will reimburse all the medical expenses incurred for the treatment of coronavirus infection up to the sum insured. This includes hospitalisation expenses, doctor's consultation fees, cost of medicines and diagnostic tests, etc. The policy also offers a lump sum benefit in case the policyholder is diagnosed with Coronavirus and needs to be hospitalised. After confirming the diagnosis, the infected person will get the policy benefit. There are no pre-medical tests required to buy this policy, and it can be purchased online as well.

Corona Kavach Health Insurance Benefits

The Corona Kavach Policy has several benefits, as follows:

  • One-Time Payment

One can get covered by Corona Kavach Health Insurance with a one-time payment, unlike the standard health insurance policies, which require regular premiums.

  • Affordable Premium

Since the Corona Kavach Policy was created by India's Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) to alleviate financial strain during the coronavirus pandemic, it is now available at a low insurance premium.

  • Short Waiting Period

The Corona Kavach health insurance Policy gives you 15-days waiting period before you can start receiving benefits, which is considerably less than the 60-90 days that most insurance providers demand.

  • Tax Benefits

The premium paid for this policy is eligible for tax deductions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

  • Optional Cover for Hospital Daily Cash

Corona Kavach Health Insurance covers an optional Hospital Daily Cash plan, which can be added to the policy for an additional premium. The policyholder may use the cash benefit of 0.5% ofthe total insured amount for each day spent in a hospital during continuous hospitalisation for up to 15 days.

Features of Corona Kavach Health Insurance

Corona Kavach Health Insurance offers many features and benefits that provide financial protection against the Coronavirus. Some of these features are:

  • The policy covers hospitalisation costs, including comorbidities, room charges, nursing and ICU expenses, surgeon's and doctor's consultation fees, and other miscellaneous medical expenditures.
  • The treatment costs of AYUSH are covered, which are Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy.
  • Expenses for pre and post hospitalisation are reimbursed for a specified length of time.
  • There is no limit on the room rental fee under this plan.
  • The cost of emergency medical transportation is covered to a specified limit by the insurer.
  • This insurance covers you for 3.5, 6.5, and 9.5 months at a time. That is 105 days, 195 days, and 285 days.

Eligibility For Corona Kavach Health Insurance

The following are the conditions that must be satisfied to acquire a Corona Kavach Health Insurance:

  • Your age should be between 18 to 65 years.
  • You must be an Indian citizen.
  • Children's minimum and maximum age are 1 day old and 25 years old, respectively.

What Is Covered Under Corona Kavach Health Insurance?

  • Home Care Treatment Cover

For individuals, receiving treatment at the home for Coronavirus, the Corona Kavach Health Insurance policy covers any health monitoring and other medication expenditures for up to 14 days.

  • Post-hospitalisation Costs

You are covered for any medical expenditure up to 30 days after discharge from the hospital with the Corona Kavach plan.

  •  Pre-hospitalisation Costs

Several expenses are being paid before being admitted to the hospital, such as doctor visits, check-ups, and diagnosis. The Insurance policy covers diagnostic costs up to 15 days before admission.

  • No Deductible

The minimum coverage is Rs 50,000, while the maximum coverage is Rs. 5,00,000.

  •  Cover for Road Ambulance

There is coverage of Rs. 2000 available for the use of road ambulances in case of emergency hospitalisation.

What Is Not Covered Under Corona Kavach Health Insurance?

  • Vaccination
  • For individuals, receiving treatment at the home for Coronavirus, the Corona Kavach Health Insurance policy covers any health monitoring and other medication expenditures for up to 14 days.
  • Day-care Treatments

This sort of health insurance coverage won't cover any medication costs incurred without a doctor's prescription. OPD treatments or day-care procedures will not be covered.

  • Unrelated Diagnostic Expenses

Any hospitalisation costs for medical tests and examinations unrelated to COVID 19 diagnosis and therapy are not reimbursed.

  • Unproven Treatments

The Corona Kavach Health Insurance does not cover any expenses resulting from any unproven therapy, services, or products that lack adequate medical documentation to back their effectiveness.

  • Biological War

This strategy is solely concerned with COVID 19, it will not cover any claims incurred due to the war.

  • Unauthorised Testing

The Government's plan does not cover testing done at a Diagnostic center that isn't authorised by the authorities.

  •  Diagnosis Outside India

This coronavirus insurance does not cover any medical expenditure outside the nation.

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Claim Process

The process for filing a complaint is similar to that of other health insurance plans. The claim will be paid in cash, or you can go with the cashless option too.

Follow the below steps-

  1. It is necessary to notify the insurer about the claim. You must inform the insurance company within 24 hours of being admitted to a hospital in case of an emergency. In the case of planned hospitalisation, at least 72 hours prior notice is required.
  2. The insurance company reimburses the insured or pays the hospital bills directly if the claim is approved.
  3. The insured must pay the cost and present a claim later in the case of claim reimbursement. The insured must submit a pre-authorised letter in the case of a cashless complaint.


1. What is Corona Kavach health insurance?

Corona Kavach is a government-backed health insurance scheme that offers financial protection in case you contract the Coronavirus. The scheme covers hospitalisation expenses, including ICU treatment, and provides a lump sum amount for death due to COVID-19.

2. Can I buy Corona Kavach health insurance if I don't have health insurance?

Yes, you can buy the Corona Kavach policy even if you don't have a health insurance policy. However, it is advisable to have a comprehensive health insurance policy in place.

3. How much does Corona Kavach health insurance cost?

The sum determines the cost for the Corona Kavach Health Insurance Plans assured, entry age, and the chosen policy term. It also depends on the add-on covers opted for, if any.

4. How long does Corona Kavach health insurance last?

The policy term for Corona Kavach health insurance plans is 3.5 months, 6.5 months, or 9.5 months.

5. What is the waiting period for Corona Kavach health insurance?

There is a waiting period of 15 days from the date of inception of the policy. After this period, any treatment related to COVID-19 will be covered.