Shriram General Insurance Company Limited

Shriram General Insurance Company Limited

Shriram General Insurance Company Limited, established in 2012, offers a diverse range of general insurance solutions to cater to various needs. Its comprehensive coverage includes motor insurance, travel insurance, home insurance and much more, ensuring affordability and inclusivity for all. Shriram General Insurance Company Limited is an alliance between Shriram Capital Limited and Sanlam Limited from South Africa.

It aims at providing both individuals and businesses with tailored insurance solutions to meet their unique requirements. It continues to be committed to supporting the progress of the common public. In the financial year 2022-23, Shriram General Insurance Company Limited issued a total of 41,25,052 policies and received over 1,36,704 claims.

Awards & Recognitions

Shriram General Insurance Company Limited has been recognised with several prestigious awards, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in the insurance industry. Here are some of them –

  • It was awarded the "Best Product Innovation Non-Life Insurance Award" in 2022 - recognising its in providing innovative products and services in the non-life insurance sector.

  • It was also honoured with the "Best Claim Settlement Non-Life Insurance Award" in 2022 as a testament to the excellent quality of its claim settlement services.

  • Shriram General Insurance Company Limited was bestowed with the “Best General Insurance Company of the Year Award” in 2019 for its outstanding commitment to providing the best insurance services in the industry.

Claim Settlement Ratio

The Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) is an important indicator of an insurance company's ability to process claims effectively. For the year 2021-22, Shriram General Insurance Company Limited achieved a Claim Settlement Ratio of 61.8%.

By looking at an insurer's CSR, you can assess their reliability and commitment to fulfilling claims promptly. A higher CSR signifies their credibility and efficiency in settling claims. It is advisable to review an insurer's CSR track record over a past few years to ensure their consistency.

Solvency Ratio

The solvency ratio is a vital metric used to evaluate the financial strength and stability of an insurance company. It measures the insurer’s ability to meet their claim obligations and other financial commitments. According to the regulations set by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), insurance companies are required to maintain a minimum solvency ratio of 150%. This ensures that the insurer possesses sufficient financial resources to fulfil their obligations.

As of March 31, 2023, Shriram General Insurance Company Limited has an impressive solvency ratio of 491%. This exceptional ratio reflects their robust financial position and ample resources, well surpassing the mandated minimum.

Network Hospitals

Network hospitals are those hospitals that have partnership with your insurance company to provide cashless treatments. This arrangement allows you to receive medical care without the need for upfront cash payments. Instead, the insurer or their designated third-party administrator (TPA) settles the bill directly with the hospital. And, you will be required to pay certain charges like consumables, administrative fees, registration fees, etc.

With Shriram General Insurance Company Limited, you gain access to an extensive network hospital list of 16,000+ hospitals - providing cashless treatments.

Network Garages

Network garages are authorised by insurance companies to provide repair services to your vehicle in the event of an accident or damage. If you can get your vehicle repaired in any of these network garages, you won't have to bear the cost of the repairs. Instead, the insurance company will handle the expenses, and you will only need to pay the deductibles and any applicable consumable charges.

Shriram General Insurance Company Limited has an established network of over 2,000+ garages where you can have your vehicle repaired without the need for upfront cash payments. To find the number of garages listed with the insurer based on your location, you can visit This link can also help you check the number of network garages available in your vicinity.

Customer Service

  • Toll-Free
    For any assistance regarding your insurance policies or Shriram General Insurance Company Limited’s services, you can reach out to their customer support through their toll-free helpline at 1800-300-30000.

  • Email
    You can also send your inquiries or support requests to their dedicated team will respond to you promptly.

For doubts, queries and concerns, you can connect with Shriram General Insurance Company Limited via alternative contact options as well –

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