All You Need To Know About 0001 Number Plate Price!

by SMCIB on Thursday, 16 May 2024

All You Need To Know About 0001 Number Plate Price!

Imagine you have just bought your dream car, shiny and sleek, a testament to your hard work and dedication. It is more than just a vehicle; it is a reflection of your unique personality, preference and style. But you are looking to make it even more special, something that grabs everyone’s attention and makes a statement. This is where a stylish number plate comes in. It adds another layer of sophistication and exclusivity to your car. And what could be cooler than a 0001 number plate? It is like owning a badge of distinction that sets your car apart from the crowd.

But why is a 0001 number plate so sought after? In this article, we will explore the world of number plates, delving into their significance and uncovering why these plates hold such appeal for both enthusiasts and investors.

So, let's delve right into it!

What Is A 0001 VIP Number Plate?

A 0001 VIP number plate is a special type of vehicle registration plate that stands out from regular ones. It falls into the category of fancy number plates, also known as personalised or VIP number plates. These plates have unique number combinations, like 0001, which make vehicles look distinct and special. Unlike ordinary number plates, fancy ones allow owners to make their vehicles look unique and more eye-catching. Interestingly, the transport department earns money from these VIP number plates, unlike standard plates.

How To Get A 0001 Number Plate?

To obtain a 0001 Number Plate, follow these simple steps –

  1. Visit the official website of MoRTH and register as a public user.
  2. Choose your desired fancy number plate, such as 0001.
  3. Pay the necessary registration and booking fee.
  4. Engage in the bidding process for your chosen number.
  5. If you win the auction, pay the remaining balance immediately.
  6. Upon winning the bid, make all required payments and receive the allotment letter.
  7. If you are unable to get your preferred number, you can claim a refund for the fee.

Eligibility Criteria For Getting 0001 Number Plate In 2024

In 2024, anyone who owns a vehicle can aim for the prestigious 0001 number plate. There is no special criteria other than winning the bidding process. The key here is to bid higher because the highest bidder wins. So, if you want that exclusive 0001 number plate in India, you should be prepared to bid high.

E-Auction Process For Registration Of 0001 Number Plate

Here's how the e-auction process works for registering a 0001 number plate –

  1. Register on the Transport Ministry website to get a Unique Acknowledgement Number.
  2. Make payment for the registration of the 0001 number plate.
  3. After 3 days, the e-auction window opens.
  4. Bid for your desired number plate and wait for confirmation via SMS.
  5. If you win, pay the remaining amount within 5 days.
  6. Upon payment, you will receive an allotment letter.

Legal Considerations

When it comes to VIP number plates, there are some legal points to keep in mind –

  • According to the rules, all vehicles, including those with VIP plates, must have HSRP (High-Security Registration Plates).
  • HSRPs are made of aluminium, with hot-stamped chromium, a 10-digit PIN, and a hologram attached to each plate.
  • Even if your car has a VIP number plate, it must meet the specifications laid out in the Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1989.

How Do You Check The Availability Of 0001 VIP Number Plates Online?

To check the availability and prices of 0001 VIP number plates online, follow these steps –

  1. Go to the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  2. Click on the 'Choice Number' option at the lower right-hand corner of the webpage.
  3. You will be directed to a new page where you need to select your state and the Regional Transport Office (RTO) name.
  4. Once you have chosen, a list of available fancy car numbers will appear, showing details like registration number, reserve price, and category (ranging from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most expensive).
  5. You can refine your search by filtering based on category, registration number, or reserve price.
  6. When you find the perfect number plate, you can proceed with registration. If it is a VIP number, you can bid for it in an online auction.

Where To Purchase A 0001 VIP Number Plate?

If you are looking to buy a 0001 VIP number plate, you can purchase it from the following sources –

  • Your State Transport Department
  • Authorised vehicle dealers
  • Specialised agencies

Make sure whichever path you choose is legitimate and trustworthy. This ensures that you safeguard yourself from any future issues. Choosing reputable and authorised channels guarantees not just your VIP number plate, but also a smooth and lawful path to owning a symbol of prestige.

Highest Bids On 0001 VIP Number Plate

Let’s take a look at some of the customers who have purchased the 0001 number plate –

  • K. S. Balagopal
    K. S. Balagopal, a successful businessman hailing from Kerala, spared no expense in customising his prized possessions. His Porsche 718 Boxster, valued at approximately Rs. 90 Lakh, boasts the prestigious '0001' registration number, which he obtained after shelling out Rs 31 lakh. Similarly, his Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 Luxury SUV proudly displays the same '0001' number plate, acquired for a hefty sum of Rs 18 Lakh.
  • Rahul Taneja
    Rahul Taneja's story is one of remarkable success and determination. Starting his career as an autorickshaw driver, he climbed the ladder of success to become a prominent businessman based in Jaipur. His Jaguar XJ L showcases his achievements, with the registration number RJ 45 CG 1, which he secured for Rs 16 Lakh. Additionally, his BMW 5-Series luxury sedan sports the coveted '1' registration number, for which he paid Rs. 10.31 Lakh.
  • Jagjit Singh
    In Chandigarh, Jagjit Singh made headlines by splurging a staggering Rs. 17 Lakh in an auction to obtain the '0001' number for his Land Cruiser LC200. His car proudly displays the registration number CH 01 AN 0001, symbolising his fondness for exclusivity and luxury.

Factors To Consider When Buying 0001 Number Plate

When looking to acquire a 0001 number plate for your vehicle, there are several key factors to keep in mind –

  • Budget
    Determine whether you can afford a VIP number plate, as your financial capability will guide your decision-making process.
  • Source
    Purchase your number plate only from authorised or government-approved sources. This ensures legality and authenticity.
  • Documentation
    Complete all required paperwork and follow the necessary steps to obtain your fancy number plate. This includes adhering to regulations and procedures.
  • Auction Strategy
    If you are participating in a bidding process for VIP number plates, develop a solid auction strategy to increase your chances of success.
  • Future Transfer
    Consider how the number plate will transfer if you decide to sell your vehicle later on.
  • Readability
    Ensure that the 0001 number plate is not only visually appealing but also easily readable.

Categories Of VIP Number Plates And Other Popular VIP Number Plates

VIP number plates are categorised into five groups, each influencing the pricing –






Typically begins at Rs. 5 Lakhs


0002 to 0009

Begins from Rs. 3 Lakhs


0010 to 0099, 0786, 1000, 1111, 7777, and 9999

Begins from Rs. 2 Lakhs


0100, 0101, 0108, 0111, 0200, 0222, 0300, 0333, 0400, 0444, 0500, 0555, 0600, 0666, 0700, 0800, 0888, 0900, 0999, 1008, 1313, 2000, 2222, 3000, 3333, 4000, 4444, 5000, 5555, 6000, 6666, 7000, 8000, 8888, 9000.

Begins from Rs. 1 Lakh


The other VIP number falls in this category

Begins from Rs. 75,000

Factors Influencing 0001 Number Plate Price For Cars And Bikes In India

Several factors influence a 0001 number plate price for bikes and cars in India –

  • Demand
    The level of demand for a specific number plate, especially one as prestigious as "0001," plays a significant impact in deciding its price. If multiple buyers are interested, the price is likely to rise.
  • Location
    Prices for number plates can vary from state to state or city to city across India. Different regions may have varying demand levels or regulations, which can impact the plate's price.
  • Type Of Vehicle
    The intended vehicle type also affects the price of a "0001" number plate. Plates for luxury cars or high-end vehicles may demand a higher price due to their exclusivity and appeal.
  • Government Rules
    Government regulations and policies regarding the sale and transfer of number plates can influence pricing. Specific rules in certain states may affect the availability and pricing of special number plates.

To Conclude,

Owning a 0001 VIP number plate is not just about adding a unique touch to your vehicle; it's about making a statement of exclusivity and individuality. It embodies a sense of prestige and style that enthusiasts and investors value. The process of acquiring a 0001 plate involves strategic bidding, and legal considerations, making it a coveted symbol in the world of automobile customization. Whether it's the allure of standing out on the road or the satisfaction of owning a piece of automotive history, the 0001 number plate continues to fascinate and inspire those passionate about their vehicles.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informative and explanatory purposes. It is sourced from multiple online resources and may be subject to change. Kindly seek advice from an expert before making any decisions related to the discussed subject matter.


The 0001 number plate is extremely exclusive and is typically acquired by VIP individuals. There's a reserved bid price to obtain this number plate, with the minimum bid starting at Rs. 5 Lakhs.

The fame and high cost of the 0001 number plate stem from its rarity, demand, and the prestige associated with it. Its limited availability and the desire from prominent individuals contribute to driving up its price.

A VIP number plate is a unique sequence of numbers not usually assigned to regular vehicle owners. It is exclusively reserved for VIPs.

Yes, you can apply for a 0001 number plate through the 'Vahan' portal. Simply log in and participate in the auction for your desired fancy number by placing a bid. If your bid is the highest or if you're the sole bidder, you'll become the owner of the fancy number.

It is important to note that once a vehicle number is registered, it cannot be transferred to another vehicle, even if the registration is cancelled. However, if the same person has owned the registered number for more than 3 years, they can transfer it to their new vehicle.

While 0001 number plates are sought after for their uniqueness and statement-making appeal, there are no additional benefits associated with them. They're primarily chosen by vehicle owners who wish to stand out on the roads.

The registration process for a 0001 number plate usually takes around 3 days to complete.

The 0001 number plate carries significant historical significance as the lowest and most prestigious registration number. Owning it is like holding a piece of India's rich motoring heritage.

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