Checking E Challan Check By Vehicle Number

by SMCIB on Thursday, 08 February 2024

Checking E Challan Check By Vehicle Number

In the hustle and bustle of our lives today, responsible driving is the key to safer roads. When you drive responsibly, you create a world where everyone follows traffic rules, ensuring smooth journeys and safer communities. To encourage this responsible behaviour, the concept of challans was introduced as a means to  punish those who violate traffic rules. In today's digital era, these E-Challans have transformed the way authorities monitor and manage traffic violations. They enable officials to maintain a vigilant eye on the roads and motivate adherence to traffic rules.

In this article, we will delve into the specifics of E-Challan checks by vehicle numbers, exploring how technology is paving the way for a safer traffic environment.

What is Traffic E-Challan?

In India, a traffic e-challan is an official notice given to a driver for breaking traffic rules. When you receive one, it means that you have to pay a penalty (based on the type of offence) according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The traffic police can issue a challan to anyone who does not follow traffic rules.

Now, in today’s digital age, these challans are issued using the e-challan system. It is a computer-generated notice used by traffic police for all traffic rule violators. The Government of India introduced this concept to make traffic services more convenient, easy, and transparent for everyone.

With the e-challan system, monitoring traffic violators has become simpler for the traffic police. In this era of digitalization, people who break traffic rules can now pay their e-challans either online or offline, depending on their city’s or state's available facilities. The introduction of the e-challan system aims to eliminate cash transactions, ensuring clarity and transparency in the process.

The Government of India has also launched “Traffic eChallan” – an application integrated with web portal applications like Vahan and Sarathi. These applications offer various benefits and features, and cover essential aspects of the administration system. Whether online or offline, traffic violators can settle their e-Challans with ease.

Purpose of E-Challan System

The e-challan system is a digital platform designed to speed up the verification and payment of traffic violations. It is developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) and aims to streamline the process of issuing penalties for breaking traffic laws. This system allows you to easily check and resolve e-challans using your vehicle registration number. To check your e-challan status, visit your state's transport department website. Choose the "E Challan Check by Vehicle Number" option and enter your vehicle registration number.

Once this is done, you will be able to view all pending challans against your vehicle. This process promotes transparency by making all information about issued challans readily available online.

Procedure for E-Challan Check By Vehicle Number

Here's a simple guide to check your challan using your vehicle number –

  1. Go to the E-Challan Parivahan website.
  2. Click on the  vehicle number.
  3. Review the displayed pending fines.
  4. Provide the required details and solve the captcha.
  5. Click on "Get Details" and proceed to the "Pay Now" option.
  6. Pick your preferred payment method to pay the fine.
  7. Once you have made the payment, you will receive an SMS on your registered phone.
  8. You can either save the SMS or note down the transaction ID for future reference.

Why Should You Choose Parivahan Website For Checking E-Challan Status?

Here are a few reasons to choose the Parivahan website to check your e-challan status -

  • Efficiency And Speed: Parivahan Website ensures a quick and effortless process for checking your e-challan status. In just under a minute, you can view all your existing e-challans.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The website's user-friendly interface provides detailed information and makes the entire process very easy.
  • Convenient Payment Options: You can also make instant payments for your e-challans through the Parivahan Website.

How To Pay E-Challan?

The Government of India has made online challan payments very simple. Every Indian state has its own transport website where you can conveniently view and pay your challan. You can also make use of the government's official website to make such payments. Though the payment process may vary slightly from state to state, it is generally straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make online payment on the official E-Challan Parivahan website –

  1. Visit the E-Challan Parivahan website.
  2. Choose challan number, DL number, or vehicle number.
  3. Review the displayed pending fines.
  4. Enter the required details and solve the captcha.
  5. Click "Get Details" and proceed to "Pay Now."
  6. Select your preferred payment mode.
  7. After payment, you will receive an SMS on your registered phone.
  8. You can either save the SMS or note the transaction ID for future reference.

Note: If you don’t have any pending challans, the website will display "Challan Not Found." This means that no payment is needed from your end.

E-Challan Payment: Offline Process

If you prefer to make the challan payment offline, follow these simple steps –

  1. Visit Your Nearest Police Station
    Find a police station nearby where you received the challan.Take your driving licence, address and identity proof, along with the traffic violation challan. Next, pay the fine with cash or card and get your receipt.
  2. Pay Through Traffic Police Officer
    Look for a traffic police officer with an e-challan machine. Give them your driving licence, ID proof, and the challan. Next, pay the fine using cash or card and collect your receipt.

Payment Methods and Gateways

When it comes to settling your vehicle fines or e-challans online, payment methods and gateways play a crucial role. These methods ensure the safety of your personal information while also facilitating secure transactions. There are three popular ways to pay e-challans –

  1. Credit/debit cards
  2. Net banking, and
  3. Digital wallets like Google Pay or Paytm.

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy payment gateway is vital to prevent any fraudulent activities during your e-challan payment. Some well-known gateways for e-challan payments include SBI e-Pay, Bill Desk, HDFC Bank's Payment Gateway, etc.

To Conclude,

The advent of traffic e-challan in India marks a significant shift towards a more efficient, transparent, and digitalised approach to handling traffic violations. This modern system not only simplifies the process for both authorities and citizens but also aligns with the government's broader vision of promoting cashless transactions. The e-challan system streamlines traffic fine management in the digital age, offering a user-friendly interface and online payment options for enhanced efficiency.


  1. What is e-Challan?
    E-challan is a digital ticket created by the Indian traffic police to penalise those who break traffic rules. This computer-generated ticket is part of an automated electronic system that alerts drivers when they violate traffic regulations. It helps ease the work of traffic police by ruling out the need for physical cash transactions. This digitalisation not only simplifies the process but also enhances transparency.

  2. How will I know if the payment I made for the e-challan has been successful or not?
    Once you have successfully paid your e-challan, you will receive an sms on your mobile number. This message will confirm the update of your challan status.
  3. Why is e-challan issued?
    The traffic e-Challan is a digital ticket issued when you are found guilty of breaking traffic rules. It's a consequence of violating traffic regulations in the state.
  4. What are the advantages of e-challan for car owners?
    E-challans offer car owners a quick and hassle-free payment process, eliminating the need for offline visits. The online system enhances transparency, ensuring all transactions are documented digitally, and payments go directly to the government.
  5. Is there a possibility to cancel a vahan challan once it is issued?
    Once a vehicle challan is issued, cancellation  is not  possible. However, you have the option to challenge and file a grievance. You can check your e-challan status online, and if you believe the fine is unjust, visit the Delhi traffic police website to contest it.
  6. What is the timeline to pay off my challan?
    After receiving a challan, you must clear it within 60 days from the date of issue. Once paid, it is essential to check online and  confirm the updated payment status.
  7. Where can I check traffic fines online in India?
    To check your traffic fines anywhere in India, head to the Parivahan website. Enter your challan number or vehicle details to access the e-Challan status and related information.
  8. How do I pay a traffic violation?
    To clear traffic fines, go to the online payment option on the issuing authority’s website (like MMDA, LTO, or LGU), or visit their offices in person. Ensure you follow the provided steps for a hassle-free payment process.
  9. Is paying e-challan online secure?
    Yes, paying e-challan online is secure. However, be cautious not to pay fines on fraudulent websites. If you receive a suspicious e-challan message with a link, avoid entering personal or financial details. You should also make it a point to close the website and contact your local traffic police department directly for verification.

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