How Many Claims Can Be Raised Under A Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

by SMCIB on Saturday, 10 June 2023

How Many Claims Can Be Raised Under A Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

A bike is the ultimate vehicle for urban lifestyles. It is affordable, consumes less fuel, and slips through traffic easily. However, there are potential risks involved in owning a bike, like accidents,  thefts, etc., that can leave you high and dry.

But worry not - two-wheeler insurance is here to save the day!

As a legal obligation, it is mandatory for bike owners to have a two-wheeler insurance policy. It acts as a safeguard that provides coverage for you,  your vehicle, and third parties in case of unforeseen events. In the event of a claim, the insurer covers your financial losses, providing you with the protection you need.

But, what if you need to make multiple claims in the same policy year? Is there a limit to the number of claims that you can raise? How many claims can be raised under a two-wheeler insurance policy?

We’ll answer all these questions - in this article!


First, Let’s Understand What A ‘Claim’ Means

A claim is a request you make to the insurance company to cover the financial losses you incur during unfortunate events. It is like a safety net that protects you in the unfortunate event of an accident or theft of your two-wheeler. 


When Do You File A Claim?

You make a claim to the insurer if there is damage caused to your vehicle or a third party as a result of an accident. Here are the different claims you can make depending on the type of policy you own  -

Own Damage Claim

If your two-wheeler meets with an accident, is stolen, or is considered a total loss, you can raise your own damage claim. It will provide financial coverage for the incurred damages.

For instance, Ravi is riding his bike on a busy road when he accidentally crashes into a lamppost. This results in significant damage to his bike. Ravi raises an own damage claim with his insurance provider since he owns a standalone own damage insurance policy. It will provide coverage for the damages sustained by his bike.

Third-Party Claim

A third-party claim works in cases when you get into an accident with another person, injure them, damage their property, or both. It is a way to get financial assistance for the damages or injuries sustained by the third party involved in the accident.

For instance, Lalit was driving his bike on the highway and accidentally collided with another vehicle. It caused damage to the other vehicle and injured the driver. Since he owns a third-party insurance policy, he can raise a third-party claim with his insurer. They will cover the damages incurred by third-party and their property as per the limits of the policy.

Personal Accident Claim

To raise a personal accident claim, you will mandatorily need to own a Personal Accident Cover. As the name suggests, a personal accident claim offers financial protection if you sustain any untoward circumstances because of an accident.

The claim generally works in two ways -

  • In the case of a permanent injury
    If you meet an accident while driving your two-wheeler and end up with a permanent injury, you can raise a personal accident claim to get the financial support you need.

  • In the case of death
    If you, unfortunately, passed away due to an accident, your family can raise a claim to receive financial assistance.

For instance, Rajesh was riding his bike to work, and unfortunately, he met with an accident that severely injured his spine and left him permanently disabled. He can raise a personal accident claim with his insurance provider since he owns a Personal Accident Cover along with his bike insurance policy. The claim amount will help Rajesh cover the medical expenses related to his disability caused by the accident.

Since we have understood the types of claims that can be raised in different situations, let’s get to the crux of the article.


How Many Claims Can Be Raised Under A Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

There is no predetermined limit on the number of claims you can raise under the insurance policy. This means that you can file as many claims as you need without any restrictions. However, you can make claims only during your policy period and not after it has expired.

However, it’s important to note that add-ons may come with a limit. You may have included add-ons such as Zero Depreciation, Engine Protector, etc. in your policy to enhance your base coverage. Some insurance companies allow you to only claim twice under such add-ons.


A Word Of Caution: Too Many Claims Can Cause Trouble!

Although there is no limit on the number of claims you can raise under your two-wheeler insurance policy, raising too many claims in a single policy year can have serious repercussions. If you make multiple claims, your insurance company may perceive you as a high-risk individual, and this can potentially result in an increased premium when you renew your policy. Moreover, you might also lose out on benefits like the No Claim Bonus even if the claim is made for a small amount.

Therefore, while your insurer may permit multiple claims within a policy year, try to file claims only for major expenses. Avoid filing claims if the damages to your two-wheeler are minor and the cost of repair is not substantial. In such cases, it is better to cover the expenses yourself.


Winding Up!

This brings us to the end. As discussed above, while there is no limit to the number of claims you can make, it is important to consider the potential consequences of filing multiple ones. Take care of small expenses yourself and raise claims if you incur damages for which you’ll require financial assistance.

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