How To Find Bike Insurance Policy Number?

by SMCIB on Thursday, 20 June 2024

How To Find Bike Insurance Policy Number?

Owning your first bike with your hard-earned money is like climbing to the top of a hill after a strenuous hike. You work with determination and sweat, but you get stronger as you push forward. Your bike represents your journey, effort, and every penny you have saved.

However, along with this excitement comes the responsibility of keeping yourself and your bike safe. In India, purchasing insurance for your bike is not just about safeguarding your finances in the event of accidents; it is also a legal requirement.

When you purchase bike insurance, you receive a unique insurance policy number. This number is a unique code you need when making claims or renewing your policy. You need this policy number in various situations, and knowing how to find it becomes essential. In this article, we will guide you through finding your bike insurance policy number and ensuring you are well-prepared for any situation that may arise.

Bike Insurance Policy number

Each bike insurance policy comes with a unique alphanumeric code known as the policy number. This number serves as a vital identifier for your contract with the insurance company. It is essential for any communication or transaction regarding your policy, such as accessing details, filing claims, renewing, or transferring it. So, the correct bike insurance policy number is crucial for managing your insurance effectively.

Finding Your Policy Number

When you want to find your two-wheeler policy number, there are several methods you can use-

  1. Policy Documents
    One of the primary ways to locate your policy number is by referring to your official insurance documents. Your policy number is prominently displayed at the beginning of the document or on your insurance card. You can ensure its accuracy by cross-referencing it on the insurer's portal to access comprehensive policy details.
    If you are unable to locate your policy documents or have misplaced them, there are other methods you can use to search for your bike insurance policy number.
  2. Insurer's Online Platform And Mobile Application
    Most insurance companies provide access to policy information via their website. When you log in with your personal credentials, you can find your policy document prominently displayed on the dashboard. Similarly, if your insurer has a mobile app, you can download it and log in to access your two-wheeler policy information there, too.
  3. Contacting the Insurer's Customer Support
    If you cannot find your policy documents, contact the insurance company's customer support. They will verify your identity with a few questions, and once confirmed, they can assist you in retrieving your two-wheeler policy details. If getting the information is not feasible, they will guide what to do next.
  4. Visiting Insurer's Branch
    If you are more comfortable with face-to-face assistance or prefer in-person interactions, you can visit your insurance provider's nearest branch office. The customer service team there will ask for details to verify your identity before assisting you with any policy-related information.
  5. Using The Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)
    The Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) has all insurance-related data under the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) supervision. To locate your vehicle insurance policy number, here's what you should do -
    1. Visit the official IIB website and navigate to the 'V SEVA' section.
    2. Provide your details, including name, mobile number, email ID, address, and vehicle registration number.
    3. Click 'Submit' to access your insurance policy details.
  6. Accessing Insurance Via The VAHAN Portal
    The VAHAN portal, run by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), offers easy access to vehicle registration and insurance details. To find your bike insurance policy number -
    1. Visit the VAHAN website and select 'Know Your Vehicle Details.'
    2. If you don't have an account, create one with your email ID and mobile number, then log in.
    3. Input your vehicle's registration number and click on 'VAHAN Search' to view your insurance details.

You could also send an SMS with "VAHAN [Vehicle Registration Number]" to 7738299899 to get the information.

When Do You Need Your Bike/two-wheeler Insurance Policy Number?

Here are some situations where you may need to locate your policy number -

  1. To Initiate Claims
    The policy number is crucial for initiating claims. It acts as the primary reference for the insurance provider to access your policy details, assess your remaining coverage, review past claims, and facilitate the processing of new claims.
  2. For Communication With The Insurer
    Having the correct policy number at hand streamlines communication when contacting your insurance provider for inquiries, changes, or updates. It reduces the need for repeated verification.
  3. Verification Purposes
    Your policy number is essential for verifying the authenticity of your insurance and for quickly confirming your policy details and coverage.
  4. Obtaining Duplicate Insurance Documents
    If you have misplaced your original policy documents, you can request a duplicate set from your insurance provider. They will require your correct policy number and verification of your identity to process this request.
  5. Renewing Or Transferring Your Policy
    When transferring your bike insurance policy to a new provider or renewing your existing policy, you should provide your policy number. Your vehicle will undergo inspection during policy renewal, and you will need to provide your policy number to avail of renewal benefits.

To Conclude,

Finding your bike insurance policy number is essential for various tasks like raising claims, communicating with your insurer, obtaining duplicate documents, etc. Whether through online portals, customer support, or official websites like VAHAN, having your policy number handy ensures smooth transactions and hassle-free interactions with your insurance provider. You should remember that your policy number allows quick access to vital information about your coverage. So, make sure to keep it safe and easily accessible whenever needed.

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