Bike Insurance - Passenger Cover

Bike Insurance - Passenger Cover

Shekar and Arun were returning from a meeting late in the evening when they were suddenly hit by a speeding car from behind. Both Arun and Shekar fell off the bike. Shekhar lost his life on the spot due to a head injury by hitting a divider. Arun sustained a spinal injury, which left him permanently disabled.

Since Shekhar was also accompanying him on his bike, Arun decided to contact his insurer to get compensation for Shekhar's family. But, his insurance company informed him that they wouldn't be able to cover Shekhar's expenses since Arun's comprehensive policy did not include a passenger cover.

What is a passenger cover? Why is it necessary to add this to your bike insurance policy? Come on, let’s discuss all of this in detail.

Why do You Need Passenger Cover?

An accident is just as risky for the pillion rider as it is for the bike owner. In the event of an accident or mishap, which can possibly result in disabilities or even death, their family will be compensated if a passenger cover is added to the insurance policy.

Let's recall the example of Arun and Shekhar. If Arun had added this passenger coverage to his policy, his insurance company would have provided compensation to Shekhar's family in accordance with the policy's coverage limits.

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What is a Passenger Cover?

Standard comprehensive policies do not cover passengers/pillion riders. Pillion riders are just as susceptible to accidents or mishaps as the owners who ride the two-wheeler. Hence, you need to insure them as well.

A Passenger Cover is an add-on that provides coverage in case of death or permanent disability for the passenger/pillion who rides with you on your two-wheeler. You can add passenger cover to your comprehensive policy or to a stand-alone own-damage policy by paying an additional premium.

How to Add a Passenger Cover to Your Two-Wheeler Policy

You can add a passenger cover to your bike insurance policy by following these steps -

  • Visit the website of any insurer of your choice and fill in the details of your two-wheeler.
  • After filling out the form, you will be directed to the quotation page, where you can select the IDV for your vehicle.
  • As soon as you have selected the desired IDV, select the passenger cover as an add-on.
  • Your premium will change once you add the passenger cover.
  • Proceed to the payment page. Cross-verify all the details you’ve submitted before you make the payment.
  • Once the payment is processed, you will receive a copy of your policy. It is important to go through the document once and ensure all details have been printed correctly.
  • You should also make sure the policy copy mentions the passenger cover as an add-on.

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Who Should Buy a Passenger Cover ?

You should opt for passenger cover if -

  • You are someone who always has a pillion rider along with you while you travel.
  • You are someone who likes to go on long bike rides with your loved ones.
  • You are someone who picks up and drops off kids every day to and from school/college or commutes to work on a bike.

Adding passenger cover to your policy is essential if any or all of the above apply to you. It provides peace of mind knowing that along with you and your two-wheeler, your passenger is covered against all odds.

Wrapping Up!

Riding with a pillion means you are responsible for their safety at all times. A Passenger Cover is designed to protect the individual who sits behind the rider from bodily injury or death caused by accidents or mishaps. While this is not a mandatory add-on, a passenger's life is just as important as a driver's life when riding a bike. You can add this cover to your base coverage by paying a little extra money.

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