Bike Key Protection Cover

Bike Key Protection Cover

Your bike is your constant companion, whether it’s commuting to the office, going on new adventures with your friends, or even simply venturing out for groceries. Now, imagine you go for a bike ride and stop at a restaurant for dinner. After eating, you realize your bike keys are missing and you must have dropped them somewhere. A bad situation to picture yourself in, right?

Getting a bike key replaced is a tedious process, as it can generally be made or replicated by the manufacturer. And the more expensive your bike, the more expensive the key!

To avoid such unfortunate circumstances, add a Key Protection Cover to your bike insurance plan.

So, What is a Bike Key Protection Cover?

A Key Protection cover is essentially an add-on cover. If you buy this cover, it will bear the key replacement costs of your bike whether it is lost, damaged, or stolen. You can add this cover to a comprehensive policy or a standalone own-damage policy, by paying an additional premium amount.

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Why Should Choose a Bike Key Protection Cover?

Here are some of the benefits offered by a key protection cover -

  • It covers the cost involved in replacing bike keys/lockset in case of theft, loss, or damage.
  • Your No Claim Bonus eligibility during policy renewal remains untouched even if you make a claim under this cover.

Inclusions Under A Bike Key Protection Cover

A Key Protection Cover will provide coverage for costs incurred towards -

  • Replacing the key if it is stolen, lost, or damaged.
  • Repairing the lockset if the key or the lock-set is damaged.

Exclusions Under A Bike Key Protection Cover

A Bike Key Protection Cover does not cover the following circumstances:

  • The bike was used for unlawful or criminal activities when the damage happened.
  • The terms and conditions of the policy were not religiously followed.
  • The damage is a result of any radiation, radioactive, or hazardous properties of any explosive, toxic, corrosive, or invasive substances.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty covers such damages.
  • The bike is outside the registered geographic location.
  • The invoices or receipts of the payments are not available.
  • Damages other than those involving the key.

Claims Process Under a Bike Key Protection Cover

When you lose, damage, or misplace your bike key, you can easily claim the replacement costs. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth claim process:

  • If your keys are stolen, file an FIR (First Information Report) with the local police station.
  • Next, intimate your insurer about the incident of damage or theft in detail.
  • Once the insurer has assessed all the details they will provide approval for the claim.
  • Once you receive the approval from the insurer, get your keys replaced.
  • Submit the invoices and other requested documents to the insurer, as and when required.
  • Post verification, the insurer will reimburse the claim amount as per the invoice. This is subject to specified policy limits.
  • If it is a cashless claim then the amount will be directly settled with the service centre.

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Important: Keep These Things in Mind While Filing a Claim

  • If your bike keys are stolen, report the theft at the nearest police station.
  • The replaced or repaired key must be of the same specification as the one you’re filing a claim for.
  • The incident of damage or theft must be informed to the insurance company at the earliest. The maximum time limit is 30 days.
  • The replacement costs incurred by you for a damaged key will be borne by the insurance company.
  • For the claim to get approved, all requested documents must be submitted to the insurer.


A standard bike insurance policy will not cover the costs of your damaged, misplaced, or stolen key. You will have to bear the stress and costs of replacing it. This is why you should opt for a Bike Key Protection Cover along with your insurance policy, which will cover the key replacement costs.

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