Engine Protector Cover in Bike Insurance

Engine Protector Cover in Bike Insurance

Suppose, you live in an area that’s prone to waterlogging. Due to an unplanned drainage system, even if it rains for a very short period of time, the area gets flooded immediately. It’s a rainy Monday morning, and you have taken out your bike to reach the office. As soon as you start the bike, water enters the engine chamber and limits the combustion process. You cannot move the bike anymore. You are in a rush, so you continue to crank up the engine without realising that it will lead to a hydrostatic lock. Your engine has now gotten completely damaged, leaving you in absolute financial and emotional distress.

We don’t ever want you to be in such a difficult situation. That’s why we’d highly recommend an Engine Protector Cover for your treasured bike.

How will it help you? Let’s find out!

What is an Engine Protector Cover?

It is an add-on that provides coverage against any damage that occurs to the engine of an insured bike. It gives financial aid for the repair or replacement of the bike engine caused due to water ingression, leakage of oil, lubricant, etc.

As we know, the engine is the heart of a bike, it gives the bike the power for its movement. Any damages caused to the engine will lead to out-of-pocket expenses, which may be very costly. A Comprehensive or Standalone own-damage policies don’t cover such damages. But you can customise these policies with an Engine Protector add-on, which can be availed by paying an additional premium amount.

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Feature and Benefits of Engine Protector in Bike Insurance

  • The Engine Protector cover gives you financial security, if there are oil leakage, water logging, or other technical or mechanical issues with the engine of the bike. It saves you from paying hefty bills in case of repair/replacement of the engine.
  • It covers against any physical damage incurred by the parts of the engine or the gearbox due to hydrostatic lock. An Engine Protector Cover provides quick recovery, saving the engine, and thereby your bike, from further damages, and lends you peace of mind.

Let’s take an example to put its benefits into perspective.

Varun and Rohit are two proud bike owners. Both of them have got Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance, but Rohit has an Engine Protector add-on in his policy. One rainy day, both of their bikes face cold-starts, which means that the engines fail to start due to the cold weather. They contact their respective insurance companies immediately.

Now, let’s see what damages their insurers will cover.

Varun With A Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance Rohit With A Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance Plus An Engine Protector Add-On
Since the bike has not been physically damaged, the insurer will not provide any financial aid. Varun has to get his engine fixed with his own money, and it can get really expensive. The insurer will send a surveyor, who will check for engine damages and once approved of, will send the bike for repairing. This will save Rohit from paying a hefty bill.

Coverage Under an Engine Protector Add-On

It allows you to get insurance coverage in the following cases

  • The cost incurred on repairing or replacing the complete engine of your bike or any of its parts.
  • Any damages caused to the gearbox and the expenses included in repairing or replacing the same.
  • Any damages caused to the engine due to leakage of the lubricant, oil or coolant.
  • Damages caused to the engine due to water entry during floods or waterlogging.
  • If the engine gets hydro locked during an attempt to start the vehicle while the water has entered the engine.
  • Mechanical and technical costs incurred while repairing and replacing the damaged parts of the engine, gearbox, etc.
  • Costs of lubricants or engine oil that got wasted due to leakage or flushing of the consumables from the engine.

Exclusion Under an Engine Protector Cover

The add-on does not provide coverage for the following situations

  • In case your bike was used for racing, motorsports, or was involved in any illegal activity.
  • Any damages caused to the engine as a result of you being under the influence of alcohol.
  • Damages caused to the vehicle when it was started while being submerged in water.
  • Any repair or replacement due to regular wear and tear.
  • Accidents arising due to illegal racing, or riding the insured vehicle with an invalid driving licence.
  • Repair or replacement of damaged engine parts due to delay in intimating the insurance company, or delay in retrieving the vehicle from the waterlogged area.
  • Any claim where the repair or replacement of engine parts is done without duly informing the insurance company.

Who Should Buy an Engine Protector Cover?

You should definitely go for this add-on in your Two-Wheeler Insurance policy, if you are -

  • Someone who is living in flood-prone areas or working near water bodies.
  • Someone who has just bought a new vehicle and wants to safeguard it against all damages.
  • Someone who owns an expensive bike and any damages caused to the engine will cost a fortune.
  • Someone who wishes to provide a wider protection and coverage to their vehicle.

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How Can You Claim The Engine Protector Add-On?

Raising a claim under an Engine Protector cover will be similar to the process of a comprehensive policy claim.

Here are the steps you should follow for a seamless claim settlement process -

  • The very first step always is to inform the insurance company immediately about any damage caused to your bike.
  • Provide the insurer with the complete details of the damage caused to the engine of the bike.
  • The insurer will send a surveyor to check the damages caused and assess the loss, in order to process the claim further.
  • Once the surveyor checks the vehicle and provides their approval for repairing, you can start the repair-works on your bike.
  • After every detail has been verified by the insurance company, they will settle the claim either on a cashless basis or on a reimbursement basis.
    • If it is a cashless settlement, the insurer will settle the claim directly with the garage. You may have to pay the amount corresponding to deductibles and depreciation, based on the chosen coverage.
    • If it is a reimbursement claim, then you will have to pay the entire amount upfront to the garage, and then raise a claim for reimbursement.

Just like humans cannot survive without a heart, a bike cannot function without its engine. It is just a piece of metal without it. And this is why it can get really expensive to repair or replace it, in case of damages. Though your two-wheeler insurance takes care of the vehicle in general, you still need to pay special attention to the heart of the vehicle. Maintaining engine health not only improves the life of the bike, but also enhances its resale value. We hope this article helps you make a mindful choice.

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