Engine Protector Cover

Engine Protector Cover

Imagine this - you buy a car and it breaks down a few months later. You go to the garage and discover that your car's engine has been damaged due to oil leakage. When you ask the mechanic how much the engine repair will cost, he gives you a very high estimate. You, however, are not worried because you have a motor insurance policy and believe it will cover the engine's repair costs.

Now, when you apply for the claim, the insurer tells you that you will have to pay for the expenses out of your pocket. They tell you that they would have paid for the repair costs in case you would have opted for the engine protector add-on with your motor insurance plan, the company would have reimbursed the cost.

What is the engine protector add-on? What costs will it cover? What are the exclusions in an engine protector add-on cover?

Let’s find out!

Engine Protection Cover

An engine protection cover is an add-on you can purchase with a motor insurance plan by paying an additional premium amount. It provides financial protection against any damage caused to the engine of the insured vehicle.

The engine is the most expensive part of a vehicle. Its replacement or any repair work on it can be fairly expensive. And since a comprehensive motor insurance plan does not cover any damages incurred to the engine, it is important that you opt for this add-on cover.

Coverage Under Engine Protector Cover

Here are some things the engine protection add-on cover will offer financial protection against -

  • Engine And Its Components

    The add-on will cover any cost incurred for repairing or replacing the engine or any of its parts.

  • Gearbox

    Any damages caused to the gearbox and the expenses incurred in repairing or replacing it are covered under the engine protector add-on.

  • Leakage Of Lubricant Oil

    Any damages caused due to the leakage of the lubricant oil in the engine will be covered by this add-on.

  • Water-Logging

    The insurance company will cover damages caused to the engine due to water-logging, i.e., when water enters the engine and affects its functionality.

  • Hydrostatic Lock

    If the hydrostatic lock of the vehicle is damaged during an attempt to start the vehicle when the engine is wet, then such expenses will be covered by the insurer.

  • Undercarriage

    Any damages caused to the undercarriage, i.e., the section of a vehicle that is underneath the main cabin of the vehicle will be covered under the engine protector add-on.

  • Labour Costs

    The labour costs incurred while repairing and replacing the damaged parts of the engine, gearbox, etc. will be covered by the insurer.

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Exclusions Under Engine Protection Cover

Here’s a list of exclusions, i.e., situations that an engine protector add-on will not pay for -

  • Forcefully Starting The Car

    The insurance company will not cover any damages caused to the vehicle if you try to start your vehicle forcefully in case it is submerged in the water.

  • Wear And Tear

    The cost of repair or replacement of the engine due to regular wear and tear is excluded.

  • Intoxicating Substances

    If the engine is damaged in an accident where the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, then the costs won’t be covered by the insurance company.

  • Invalid Licence

    Damages caused to the engine when the person driving the vehicle does not have a valid driving licence will not be covered.

  • Illegal/ Unlawful Activities

    When the vehicle is being used for illegal/ unlawful activities such as racing, etc., and the engine is damaged, the insurer won’t cover the expenses.

  • Delay In Claim Intimation

    If your engine is damaged, and the insurance company is not informed within the due timeline - the costs won’t be covered.

  • Delay In Retrieving The Vehicle From Water-Logged Areas

    Damage caused to the engine in case of any delay in retrieving the vehicle from a water-logged area will not be covered.

  • Repair/ Replacement Of Engine Parts Without Informing The Insurer

    Any costs incurred in repairing or replacement of engine parts without informing the insurance company are excluded.

Who Should Buy The Engine Protector Add-on Cover?

You should buy the engine protection add-on cover with your motor insurance plan if -

  • You live or work near water bodies or flood-prone areas.
  • You just bought a new vehicle and want to safeguard it against all types of loss/ damages.
  • You own an expensive car and any damage to the engine will cost you a fortune.
  • You want to provide wider protection to your vehicle.

Two Important Points To Note

The Engine Protector Add-On Cover Is Usually Available For Vehicles That Are Up To 5 Years Old.

Most Insurance Companies Allow You To Make A Claim Under The Engine Protector Add-On Cover Only Twice.

What the heart is to humans, an engine is to a car. Just like humans cannot survive without a heart, cars cannot function without an engine. Ensure you opt for this add-on cover with your base motor insurance policy - it will offer extra financial protection in case your vehicle’s engine is damaged.

Besides the engine protector cover, there are a lot of other add-ons available with a motor insurance policy that can offer extra protection to your vehicle against several types of loss/ damages. You can learn in detail about the add-ons you can buy with a motor insurance plan here: Add-ons.


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