Roadside Assistance Cover

Imagine you are on a road trip with your partner. Suddenly, your car breaks down on the side of the road, and there’s nobody nearby to help you. Who can you turn to? Being stranded alone in an unfamiliar environment can make things frustrating for you.

A motor insurance claim can be helpful if you are involved in an accident and significant damage has occurred to both you and your vehicle. However, in the scenario discussed above, filing for an insurance claim seems unnecessary as you need immediate on-road assistance. That's where an add-on called Roadside Assistance cover comes in handy. This add-on allows you to take care of your vehicle’s damages when you cannot find help on the road. You can add this to your existing policy to expand its coverage.

Let's explore the Roadside Assistance Cover in detail:

What Is Roadside Assistance Cover?

In case your vehicle breaks down or suffers a mechanical failure in the middle of the road, and you cannot find a mechanic or technician nearby, you can use the Roadside Assistance Cover to get on-road assistance for resolving the issue. You can add the Roadside assistance cover to your existing policy by paying an additional premium.

To avail the road assistance services, you need to contact your insurer, explain your situation to them, and provide your location details. Your insurer will provide you with the necessary assistance at the earliest.

What Services Are Available Under Roadside Assistance Cover?

  • Changing A Flat Tyre

    In case your car tyre got flat or punctured, your insurer will arrange for a mechanic to fix it. The mechanic will replace your tyre with a spare tyre or take your vehicle to a nearby garage if a spare tyre isn’t available.

  • Car Towing

    When your vehicle comes to a halt due to mechanical or electrical issues, these damages cannot be repaired on the road. It would require technical assistance and extensive repair work. The insurance company will arrange for the towing of the vehicle to a nearby garage to get the repair work done. The towing limit and charges will depend on the limit stipulated in the policy and may differ from insurer to insurer.

  • On-Spot Repair

    When there is a minor mechanical or electrical problem in the vehicle, such as a faulty brake wire or brake pads, the insurer will send a vehicle technician to the spot for assistance. These damages don't require taking the vehicle to the garage.The repaired work can be done on the spot itself.

  • Battery Jumpstart Service

    If you are on a long road trip, then there is a possibility of your car's battery getting depleted. When your vehicle becomes stranded due to a dead battery, you need to inform the insurance company about your situation, who shall send a technician to your location to provide battery jumpstart services.

  • Fuel Supply

    When your vehicle becomes inoperable due to a lack of fuel, and there isn't a fuel station nearby, the driver can contact the insurance company, and they will arrange for the supply of fuel. However, you are responsible for paying the fuel price. The insurance company will cover the technician's fee and the conveyance charges.

  • Spare Keys

    In the event you lose your keys, or if they are misplaced or locked inside your vehicle, the insurance company shall make necessary arrangements to pick up the spare keys from your home or workplace and deliver it to the place where your vehicle is present.

  • Accommodation Assistance

    If your car shuts down due to an engine failure or some other malfunction in an unknown area, the insurer will assist you with nearby accommodations if the repair work is going to take quite a while. However, the accommodation charges are your responsibility.

  • Alternate Vehicle

    If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of your trip and the repair work is said to consume quite a bit of time, then your insurance company will provide an alternative vehicle. Distance and rent charges for the alternate vehicle will be determined as per the limit specified in the policy and can differ from insurer to insurer.

  • Legal Advice

    If you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, legal proceedings shall be required. In this situation, your insurance company will provide you with legal assistance through telephonic consultation with a qualified legal advisor who will be able to instruct you on the necessary steps to be taken.

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Please note that these services may vary from insurer to insurer.

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Exclusion Of Roadside Assistance Cover

A Roadside Assistance cover shall not provide coverage under certain circumstances. Make sure that you are informed of these exclusions before purchasing this add-on.

The following situations aren’t covered under a Roadside Assistance Cover-

Unauthorised Usage

The insurance company will not provide any sort of assistance if the vehicle has been used for racing or motorsports. And, coverage will not be provided if it is not operated in accordance with laws and regulations.

Not Disclosing Pertinent Information

Damages incurred to the vehicle should be informed to the insurer on a priority basis so that claim gets approved by the insurance company and they can take necessary action. In the event the mechanic arrives at the spot, and then you notify him of any new additional damage, then the insurer is not liable for the repair costs since this information was not communicated prior to the visit.

Manual Rules Not followed

The insurance company will not consider a claim for Roadside Assistance if the vehicle is not operated in accordance with its manual. For instance, if you caused damage to your car by over-speeding or violating traffic rules, the damages shall not be covered by this add-on.

Who Should Take Roadside Assistance Cover

If You Are Using Your Vehicle Every Day

Investing in a Roadside Assistance Cover is ideal if you use your vehicle for your daily commute or are a frequent long-distance traveller. Your car may face damage from driving for a long period of time. In such cases, this add-on can be very useful to you, as getting help in an unfamiliar place would be difficult.

If You Need A Helping Hand

Even if you are comfortable with handling car issues, you may need someone to assist you with the repairs if there are several issues. The add-on could be a real lifesaver if you get stuck in the middle of the road.

For instance, Your car has a flat tyre and has run out of fuel. It’s easy for you to fix the spare tyre since you've replaced tyres before, but finding a gas station in an unknown location proves to be a challenge. In this case, you can make use of your Roadside Assistance Cover by informing your insurance company to help you with the fuel supply.

If You Are A First-Time Driver

This add-on is perfect for new drivers who aren't used to handle any kind of car issues. By making a simple call, you can receive on-road assistance wherever you are.

Now that you are aware of all the inclusions and exclusions of Roadside Assistance Cover, we are sure you will be able to make a clear-cut decision on whether or not to purchase it. It is also essential to read the policy wordings beforehand to avoid any surprises later.

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