Which Company is Best for Life Insurance?

by SMCIB on Tuesday, 09 May 2023

Which Company is Best for Life Insurance?

Let’s imagine you want to buy a two-wheeler. You will, first and foremost, check the brands that sell two-wheelers and then choose the most reputable one so you get a quality vehicle that will last you for many years. To make sure you are making a sound investment, you research the vehicle features, service quality, reviews, etc. This ensures you are getting the most value for your money and a product that will serve you well. 

The same goes for life insurance policies. A life insurance policy is a contract that you sign with an insurance company to provide your family with financial protection. In exchange, you need to pay a premium, which in the simplest sense, is a fee. While the ultimate objective of purchasing a life insurance policy is to build a financial safety net for your loved ones, some life insurance policies also help you make long-term savings to reach your financial goals such as planning for retirement, funding higher education for children, wedding expenses, etc. 

While buying the right policy is important, so is choosing the right insurance company. This ensures that the intention behind purchasing the policy, a successful claim, is served. In this day and age, there are multiple life insurance providers that sell various types of life insurance policies. So, you may find it hard to choose the one that best serves your insurance needs. 

In this article, we’ll help you find the best life insurance company - so you can secure your and your family’s future.

Which Company Is The Best For Life Insurance?

The best life insurance company -

  1. Offers comprehensive coverage
    Before buying a policy from an insurance company, it is crucial to understand the features and benefits it offers. This helps you understand the policy coverage and determine whether it fits your needs and preferences. Ensure you choose an insurance company that offers a broader scope of coverage - so that you and your loved ones can reap greater benefits and stay adequately protected.
  2. Gives you affordable premiums
    A premium is the amount you need to pay to keep your policy active. Given that life insurance is a long-term commitment, you may need to pay the premiums for an extended period of time. So, the premium amount must comfortably fit your budget. For that, you should check the premium quotes of various insurance companies, by comparing the policies and the features they offer. By doing this, you can find an insurer that offers adequate coverage at an affordable rate.
  3. Has a high claim settlement ratio
    A life insurance policy should be purchased from a reputable insurer to make sure its purpose is fulfilled.  To check an insurer's reliability, you can use a metric called ‘claim settlement ratio’. The claim settlement ratio is the % the number of claims settled by an insurance company to the total number of claims it receives in a given fiscal year. It helps you understand the company’s ability to honour claims. It is advisable that you choose a company that has a track record of a good claim settlement ratio over the years. The higher the claim settlement ratio, the higher the probability of your or your family’s claim getting settled in the future. 
  4. Has a top-notch solvency ratio
    The solvency ratio is an indicator of the financial status of the company. It measures the financial stability and strength of the insurance company to meet its long-term obligations. As per the guidelines of IRDAI, all insurance companies must maintain a solvency ratio of 150% to guard them against the risk of going bankrupt. A company with a higher solvency ratio shows that they have enough assets to settle the claims. 
  5. Has amazing reviews
    One of the easiest yet effective ways to choose the best life insurance company is by checking their reviews. This can be done by checking company social media handles, company forums, etc. On the other hand, you can also get feedback from past and existing customers. This will help you get a better picture of the company’s quality of service and whether or not you should choose them.
  6. Has a dedicated customer care service team
    Customer care service is an important factor to consider when choosing a life insurance company. You need to be able to reach them easily and get your queries answered promptly. It is essential to choose a life insurance company that offers a dependable and friendly customer care service - one that is always there to assist and guide you, no matter the time or day.


We have reached the end. Before you choose an insurer, ensure you consider factors such as the benefits they provide, financial stability, claim settlement ratio, customer service, etc. Doing so will ensure that you are choosing a reliable and reputable insurer, providing you with the assurance and financial security you and your family need.

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